DECAY: MAGA dentist shares pro-Hitler propaganda from official House email

DECAY: MAGA dentist shares pro-Hitler propaganda from official House email

[WRITER’S NOTE: I am a non-religious Jewish American. Paul Gosar blocked me from his personal Twitter account in 2017 because he doesn’t like it when people call him a compromised Arizona Nazi, oops!]

Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) used his official newsletter to direct people to a story posted on a Holocaust-denying website.

The still-somehow-sitting Congressman, whose entire family hates him, remains loyal to Donald Trump while also chilling with fellow Jew-hating Holocaust deniers like Nick Fuentes and Vincent James Foxx.

Gosar also loves the extremist social media hate speech app Gab and its CEO, Andrew Torba, and often does that “praising while defending” QAnonsense thing.

MAGAMengele still thinks the 2020 election was stolen from Trump.

He also pushes the MAGA propaganda that George Soros is funding American Jews to influence our government because he’s Qrazy AND a raging antisemite.

Gosar linked his subscribers (and who the hell are you awful people, anyway?) to Veterans Today, an antisemitic website that has called the Holocaust a “lie” and a “hoax.”

They also praise Adolf Hitler as a “great man” and “a man of valor,” so of course they gave props to the Nazi dentist for *checks notes* for attacking “Jewish warmongers” for their support of Ukraine.

If you’re already picturing Laurence Olivier in Marathon Man you’re not too far off, because this gets even worse.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) website has archives from Veterans Today with articles such as “Who Really Wanted the Holocaust? (Not the Nazis!)” which claims to prove “the Nazis did not want the Holocaust and why, instead, Jewish Zionists did.”

BRB, I have to go scream into all of my pillows.

Veterans Today also reposted a piece by neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin with the headline “Malignant Jew Goofball Dennis Prager Says You’re Going to Hell If You Don’t Believe His Ridiculous Gas Chamber Hoax.”

Hoax. *exhales hard* BRB again, I missed a pillow.

Anyway, that’s the kind of stuff MAGAMengele is sending from his official email and yes, you could try complaining to his Comms Director, but you’ll never get a response.

Related: an email sent to Rep. Gosar’s Comms Director was not returned by press time.

The Nazi dentist will also probably now block me from his official government account, which would make any potential lawsuit against him extra lucrative for yours truly.



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