STINKER: MAGA turns on Trump lawyer deluged with misogynistic tweets

STINKER: MAGA turns on Trump lawyer deluged with misogynistic tweets

Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis is finding out what it feels like to be the target of MAGA misogyny.

The instigator wanna-be legislator — who, I should share, blocked me on Twitter so long ago I can’t even remember what set her off — complained in a series of tweets about being targeted by “MAGA influencers.”

(“MAGA influencers” made me laugh out loud, as the kids say)

“I was called a lot of things and had a lot of leftist hit pieces trying to destroy my credibility while I represented Trump,” Ellis tweeted on Tuesday.

“But I never saw a media outlet or journo use the blatant sexism & vulgarity that ‘MAGA influencers’ do now. And I don’t even work for DeSantis.”

Jenna just can’t cope with the fact that the remaining 25% of MAGA voters who are still “ride or die” (often literally) for Trump in 2024 are big mad that she hasn’t officially backed Donny “34 Indictments” yet.

At the same time, Counselor COVID Waft has said nice things in public about Commander Governor Ron “Jackboots McFlorida” DeSantis, which also triggered the die-hards of Cult 45.

Jenna has tweeted plenty of mega-MAGA hate speech, particularly the kind of anti-LGBTQ+ rhetorical red meat they love.

Just a few weeks ago, Jenna went after Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg and his husband, Chasten, who are a favorite target for the Ultra MAGA homophobes.

The same woman who represents a sexual predator who’s about to face yet another of his rape accusers in court called the parents of young twins “sexual perverts,” because irony died forever ago.

This is when I remind you that every petty accusation is a confession from anyone left in TrumpWorld.

Ellis shared the misogynistic screenshots from the MAGA Bluecheck Mafia, including one from fellow MAGA Mean Girl Laura “Looney” Loomer.

Loomer, who’s currently Qatfighting with Marjorie Taylor Greene, refers to Ellis as “a community bike” (because “everyone gets a test ride”) without a drop of irony, MEOWCH.

As a Democrat who can’t stand the way Trump has destroyed all political norms forever, I do enjoy watching the MAGA extremists eating their own as Trump’s legal woes pile up.

But as a woman who gets stuff like this and way, way worse, I can tell you I’d rather see Ellis dragged for her unfathomable loyalty to a grifting criminal traitor.

Treason has no gender, after all.


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