BRAZEN: Trump lawyer’s RIDICULOUS request in E. Jean Carroll lawsuit

BRAZEN: Trump lawyer's RIDICULOUS request in E. Jean Carroll lawsuit

Trump’s lawyer, Joe Tacopina, has asked Judge Lewis Kaplan of the Southern District of New York to postpone the trial of his client in the E. Jean Carroll lawsuit.

In a four-page ramble fest, Tacopina suggested a “cooling off” period after the former President’s indictment by a Manhattan grand jury in the Stormy Daniels hush money case.

Read the letter below. 

“On behalf of President Donald J. Trump, we write to request a four-week adjournment of the April 25, 2023 trial date,” Tacopina wrote on Tuesday.

“President Trump’s right to a fair trial depends upon a brief “cooling off” period between the trial of this matter and the recent deluge of prejudicial media coverage concerning his unprecedented criminal indictment and arraignment in Manhattan.”

What Tacopina conveniently leaves out is the “hoopla” surrounding Trump being held accountable is coming from inside the Southern White House – or rather, Mar-a-Lago.

Similar to the legally warranted FBI search of the ex-President’s Palm Beach estate in August, Trump has fueled the fire with his middle-of-the-night Truth Social rants.

According to Tacopina, holding the trial in Carroll’s case a few short weeks after his client’s arrest will muddy the jury pool.

“Prospective jurors will have the criminal allegations top of mind when judging President Trump’s defense,” the attorney added.

Citing the extensive coverage of Donald Trump, Tacopina claims the former President’s constitutional rights have been violated, and are in dire straits.

“The relief President Trump seeks – a brief adjournment to allow a “cooling off” period – is modest relative to the significant prejudice created by the pretrial publicity.”

Maybe he should advise his client to stay off the internet.

Prior to his indictment, Trump was already taking to social media in an attempt to galvanize the MAGA base, urging his supporters to protest while making what some consider to be threats against Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

This includes Trump posting a picture of himself holding a baseball bat, juxtaposed against a picture of the DA.

“President Trump can only receive a fair trial in a calmer media environment than the one created by the New York County District Attorney,” Tacopina wrote.

Another shameless Trump attorney, Alina Habba – who was fined nearly a million dollars alongside the former President for Trump’s frivolous lawsuit against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – is a signatory on the letter.

Occupy Democrats reached out to Tacopina via email for a statement and are still awaiting a reply.

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