BOO-BOO: Lauren Boebert accused of covering up injury caused by son’s accident

BOO-BOO: Lauren Boebert accused of covering up injury caused by son's accident

The eldest son of Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) was involved in a car accident in September 2022 that his mother allegedly tried to cover up, according to the passenger involved.

Soon-to-be-teen dad Tyler Boebert flipped his father’s SUV into a creekbed and was accused of  “careless driving causing bodily injury” to 19-year-old Noble D’Amato, who was riding shotgun.

D’Amato suffered “multiple concussions and a severely lacerated hand” while Tyler received a ticket in connection with the late-night car crash.

The former welder wound up hospitalized and says his injuries have kept him from being able to do his job.

D’Amato was also charged with “unlawful possession of a schedule IV controlled substance” after he was found carrying unprescribed Xanax pills, according to the Colorado State Police.

A “silver marijuana grinder w/small amount of marijuana” was also reported to have been found in D’Amato’s backpack at the scene, earning him a drug paraphernalia charge.

Meanwhile, D’Amato says, Granny Bobo helped Tyler get “a slap on the wrist” while covering up the more embarrassing details of the accident.

Not very noble, Bobo!

If D’Amato’s story of a cover-up is true (and I have to say “if”), it wouldn’t be the first time “Squeaky” Boebert has tried to shut down the truth about her family’s terrible driving habits, among other legends to add to their lawless legacy.

You might have heard whispers of rumors that Squeaky bailed on her family after an off-road accident in Moab, Utah which severely injured her sister-in-law.

Two weeks before the 2020 primaries, Mother-of-the-Year Bobo crashed an off-road 4×4 vehicle while drunk and left her son and dog behind, because she’s classy like that.

As reported, she then pressured her sister-in-law to keep the matter quiet and also involved Tyler in the plot to keep it quiet, according to the watchdog group American Muckrakers PAC/

(You may also recall when Bobo threatened to sue American Muckrakers for another story regarding just how Ted Cruz may have “assisted” her rocket-like path to Congress and then never followed through.)

Tyler’s “punishment” for the SUV accident reportedly included court-ordered driving school through Colorado’s “Alive at 25” driver’s awareness program.

A mandatory review hearing was scheduled for Monday to make sure he completed the course, but the Boebert family still won’t take any accountability for trashy Tyler’s turnover, D’Amato says.

“It’s just like she did in Moab,” D’Amato says of Tyler’s crash. “They’ve tried covering up stuff before.”

Boebert’s statement regarding the incident is also “bullshit,” according to D’Amato:

“The injury reported was superficial at best and was addressed by medical professionals out of caution,” Boebert’s office said in an April 4th statement to Denver’s Westword.

“The statement also said that “the incident involved two minors,” which isn’t correct: Although Tyler, who turned eighteen on March 21, was seventeen at the time of the accident, D’Amato was nineteen,”  Westword wrote.



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Original reporting by Chris Perez at Westword.

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