GROOMERS: Appalling new GOP bills could allow “genital inspections” of kids in schools

GROOMERS: Appalling new GOP bills could allow "genital inspections" of kids in schools

Fascism has officially arrived in America.

Red state by Red state, the Republican Party is slowly poisoning its own groundwater with hateful bills created to control the next generation of all-white obedient drones to Dear Leader.

Florida Governor “Reichstag” Ron DeSantis is currently setting the substandard, signing bills into law that remove basic human rights from his constituents while making it all too extra easy for them to kill each other.

Tennessee is currently trying very hard to be Florida but with mountains instead of beaches thanks to its anti-drag laws and its state GOP trying to oust three state Democrats for protesting gun violence, as is their First Amendment right.

But things are getting even worse thanks to some appalling new GOP laws in Kansas and Indiana that would subject children to the kind of trauma the GOP alleges they’re suffering at the hands of drag queens and Democrats.

The Kansas state legislature passed a ban similar to the ones that passed in Ohio regarding transgender students participating in female categories in school and college sports, after overriding a veto by the state’s Democratic governor.

Indiana’s similar law ends all gender-affirming care for anyone under the age of 18 (just like in Idaho) and will require any minor transgender person to detransition.

GOP hate state reps say the “inspections” would take place “during sports physicals,” which have never required any such examinations prior to this manufactured MAGA mishegoss when another person’s body is nobody’s business.

Even as we learned about the abhorrent sexual abuse of children in Maryland perpetrated by priests, the GOP is still trying to frame Democrats as child molesters when we think the groomers doth project too much.

Case in point: MAGA Monster Marjorie Taylor Greene, who is unusually obsessed with tweeting about children’s genitals and has been pushing her projectile projection language regarding pedophilia forever, yet her besties are credibly accused child molesters.

Marjorie Taylor Greene tweets homophobic attack on Sen. Wiener

Marge pushed her pedo propaganda on her (thankfully under-watched) 60 Minutes appearance with barely any pushback from pushover Lesley Stahl, and she also tweeted the same trope on Thursday, which proves she never reads anything before she sharts it out into Twitter.

However, Marge isn’t paying attention to the actual story, because she’s all manufactured rage with zero actual facts, and that tweet proves it.

If she truly cared about protecting children from what she perceives as “genital mutilation,” then she should really care about making sure no one except their pediatrician or other personal physician is “inspecting” those genitals.

A call into Marge’s office went unshockingly unreturned on Thursday, so I took to Twitter to get her attention.

Her hate shouldn’t be tolerated from her official government account or anywhere else.

LGBTQ+ allies on Twitter were also taking up for their trans fam.


Clarification: Kansas’s new law does not include any verbiage regarding genital confirmation or “checks.” This article previously contained three tweets that affirmatively said Kansas would require confirmation. The tweets are now deleted and we regret their inclusion. Ed.

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