ASA-NINE: Hutchinson says Trump should quit 2024 race as he declares his candidacy

While a dead potted plant would be a better candidate for any office in the land above Donald Trump, any of his potential GOP challengers are only slightly less terrible than he is.

I’m not entirely sure if Nikki “Don’t Call Me Nimarata” Haley is still running, but she’s no longer the only former Republican Governor stepping up to challenge Trump — that is if Trump is still in the race at all after facing the first of many other potential indictments on Tuesday.

Ex-Arkansas GOP Gov. Asa Hutchinson is running for president
“Hi, I’m Governor Bland Blanderson”

Former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson had teased a potential 2024 run for a while, but the Republican and staunch Trump critic made it official on Sunday.

“I’m confident that people want leaders that want the best for America, not those who appeal to their worst instincts,” Hutchinson told ABC’s This Week in an interview on Sunday.

Since he’s a Republican not named Trump, people are going to think he might be the Guns Over People party’s Great White Hope, but he’s really not.

Hutchinson signed several abortion restrictions into law, including a ban on the common and formerly legal medical procedure that took effect when the U.S. Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade last year.

Hutchinson, however, has said he “regretted” that the measure didn’t include exceptions for rape or incest.

What a swell guy!

Asa-hole also fronts like he’s not a Trumper, going as far as to call Trump “a distraction” and saying he should drop out of the 2024 campaign because of all of his pesky legal problems.

But Hutchinson was all about kissing up to Don the Con in the pre-indictment days, so it’ll be interesting to watch him play the anti-Trump role to gain public support because Democrats always bring our receipts.

Donald Trump is getting booked on Tuesday and he’s going to sing like a canary and sell out every single one of his co-conspirators, so expect Democrats to essentially turn all of that into 2024 campaign ad gold while more indictments are (golden) showering down.

But have fun doing whatever you think is going to work, Asa. Twitter will always be here to remind you that while you’re not Trump, you’re not really a better option for this country, either.

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