HYPOCRISY: James Comer’s ex-girlfriend problem & Donald Trump

HYPOCRISY: James Comer. his ex-girlfriend problem, & Donald Trump

Representative James Comer (R-KY) argues that charges brought against Donald Trump in New York — as yet sealed — are “blatantly political” and the product of a “weaponized…office.” That means it’s time to remind him (and anyone who might believe him) of his own history and the investigation he initiated after an ex-girlfriend’s accusations of violent abuse surfaced.

Comer’s former girlfriend, Marilyn Thomas attended Western Kentucky University at the same time as Comer, and when he ran for Governor of Kentucky in 2015, around two decades later, she came forward to share her story.

A roommate from the time corroborates it, describing the “very rocky relationship” as well as Thomas’ bruised wrists and other injuries that she’d explain away with flimsy excuses.

Thomas said that Comer hit her; that he was “controlling and aggressive;” that he alienated her from family and friends; that she had to get his approval to go anywhere or interact with anyone; that “consequences” if she displeased him were “violent and swift;” and that his threats and belittling played a role in her decision to move out of the state.

She also describes him becoming “enraged” when he drove her to an abortion clinic and she wrote his real name on documents.

Comer denies it all, and here’s where the hypocrisy comes in: not only did he reportedly threaten lawsuits against one paper if they ran the story, but he also started the process of opening an investigation into a blogger who was willing to report on Thomas’ allegations.

He’s even admitted that he leaked emails in an effort to discredit the individual.

From The New York Times:

“The rumor whispered around Kentucky political circles at the time was that Mr. Comer had swiped the emails from the computer server for [Comer’s political opponent’s running mate’s] husband’s former law firm and leaked them to the newspaper. In an interview with The Times, Mr. Comer confirmed, for the first time, that he had been behind the leak and strongly hinted he had gotten them from the server.”

Now the Congressional Integrity Project is calling for an investigation into the Kentucky Representative to determine whether his actions in obtaining and releasing those emails rise to the level of criminality.

They want the public to know that an elected official who has used an investigation to attack a political opponent and an ex who came forward with abusive behavior is not someone who has any business claiming that the prosecution of Trump is a case of political persecution.

Thomas originally sent her story to the Courier-Journal in 2015, where it was reported alongside Comer’s denials, and with his threat of a “devastating lawsuit” if the story was published.

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