KARMA: Lindsey Graham cries on Fox while talking about Trump indictments

KARMA: Lindsey Graham cries on Fox while talking about Trump indictments

South Carolina Senator Lindsey “Fainting Couch” Graham’s hands must really hurt from clutching his pearls so hard on Fox News Thursday night.

The fey confirmed bachelor barely held back his flow of MAGA tears as he discussed the Manhattan grand jury’s decision to indict Donald Trump on 32 counts, sad!

The fully compromised subhuman empty bottle of gin used to have something that resembled a spine back in 2016, when he regularly spoke out against the supremely unqualified GOP nominee.

Graham called Trump a “kook” and said all kinds of other things with something like strength in his voice.


But then Trump cheated just enough to “win,” and a few months later, he invited Lindsey out for a day on the golf course.

When he returned, Lindsey was fully compromised and told us so.

I imagine it went a little something like this:

Trump (teeing up both his golf ball AND Graham): So, Linds, what was that photo of you I saw the other night? Terrible stuff, really. Embarrassing, if you ask me. Shame if it got out and everybody knew. Too bad.
Lindsey (trying to control his bladder and bowels): I…I…I…uh…
Trump: (hitting the ball not that far): Ah, don’t worry about it, I’m sure we can figure out a way to keep everyone from seeing that picture of you and that boy.

And, scene.

Cut to Leningrad Lindsey really regretting that choice every single miserable day since, as proven by his residency inside a gin bottle under a fainting couch in one of his many closets.

Please fetch me a golden chalice so that I may drink up every last salty drop of Leningrad Lindsey’s crocodile MAGA tears.


They’re really going to grift the poorly educated over this instead of getting ahead of Trump’s testimony by admitting how he compromised them all.

It only got worse for Lindsey on Friday, when he tweeted actual calls to violence. I’m guessing he’s been in a full blackout since before he even went on Fox on Thursday night. As of this update, the tweets were still on his account.



Twitter was soaking up the karmic schadenfreude as well on Friday, because TRUMP INDICTMENTS.


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