TRIGGERED: Why did four GOP members of Congress lash out at me?

TRIGGERED: Why did four GOP members of Congress lash out at me?

On Wednesday, I wrote an op-ed about Ted Cruz’s typically empty “thoughts and prayers” platitudes whenever there’s a school shooting.

In the first version which was published, I included a tweet with a collage of Ted’s “thoughts and prayers” tweets.

The collage turned out to be fake, a satire meant to highlight how little Cruz cares about dead kids when there’s all that NRA blood money sitting in his bank account.

So, my editors issued a rapid correction to the story and an update.

Cruz’s Comms Director, Darin Miller, jumped on the article within a minute of it going out, which is really odd considering I’ve written about Cruz’s mediocrity plenty of times before, plus I’ve tweeted him often over the years with no response.

Darin came for the wrong woman, though.

I’m nobody’s scapegoat or whipping girl.

Just ask Marjorie Taylor Greene, who sent her Comms Director, Nick Dyer, after me. She didn’t like it when I called her a “White Christian Nationalist” in a piece I wrote for a different website a while ago.

This isn’t my first rodeo with Republican members of Congress who apparently have never read these words before:

“Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” —The First Amendment to the Constitution

Marge has never once answered me directly on Twitter.

Instead, she blocked me on her personal Twitter account (before it was suspended and reinstated) but was forced to unblock me after my Hebros, MeidasTouch, sued her.

Lauren Boebert also found out what happens when you block me on Twitter.

I called her office and threatened a lawsuit, so her Comms Director called me back to “negotiate” an “easy solution” after I mentioned I planned to go after her taxpayer-funded government salary.

“Yeah,” I replied, “An easy solution is for her to unblock me.”

And she did, muahahaha.

Then there’s Rep. Matt Gaetz.

The Florida man with the giant forehead and still-open FBI investigation into sex trafficking and raping teenage girls.

Good ol’ Captain Venmo got big mad at me in September 2021 after I dared to write a truthful account of my horrible experiences at a rally he attended in my former district.

Captain Venmo was so triggered he tweeted about me and then did a whole segment of his dumb “Firebrand” podcast about me, where he encouraged his millions of followers to “seek out” my social media profiles.

And they sure did!

All of Gaetz’s tweets about me still exist.

Because of those posts, I received both rape threats and death threats.

One day when someone sent a very specific threat, and then a few hours later, a car showed up where I was living at the time.

I’ve since moved to a secure building where none of Gaetz’s Oath Keeper pals can follow me around like they used to when I lived in my former district.

It is stunning that nothing has ever happened to Gaetz after a multi-year federal sex trafficking investigation into his wingman.

The North Florida trust fund baby and House Republican Representative is still sitting on the House Judiciary Committee.

Conversely, when I called Sen. Chuck Schumer’s office on Thursday to complain about Cruz’s Commie Director, a lovely woman took my full statement to pass on to his Press Office.

She apologized profusely every time I shared another terrible detail from the online MAGA harassment I’ve been dealing with for nearly eight years. Schumer’s aid was empathetic.

As for Cancun Cruz, I don’t know why this was the story that finally broke him.

But I do know Miller’s emails to my editor were some of the whiniest shit I’ve ever seen, and we all had a good laugh at their expense.

Nonetheless, the mistake in my story yesterday was immediately corrected: we substituted the collage with an actual tweet of Cruz’s from the Sandy Hook shooting. We called out the satire and included a fact check.

My editor asked him if he saw anything else untrue in the final version. He replied,

“Thank you. Nothing else. I appreciate it.”

But today, Darin didn’t like that either, so he decided to start a good old-fashioned Twitter flame war with yours truly.

Harassing a woman online is bad enough.

But Darin’s official tweets on behalf of Cruz were meant to virtue signal the Senator’s followers (both fake and not) to troll me.

So that made my Thursday harassment a little more interesting than it usually is on the daily.

Then, while I was putting this story together, a second mediocre member of Cruz’s staff decided to pile on me with typical whiny weakness.

Steve, you can be my Guest to stop harassing American citizens on Twitter with your lies and calling it a government job.


What’s even funnier is that all of this rage from Team Cancun Ted is over a story they themselves admit is true! Read it for yourself!

Story continues below:


Here’s the satire that started it all with Senator Cruz: 

Viral Tweet of Ted Cruz Using Template for All Mass Shootings Debunked

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