FLIP-FLOP: Florida governor pledges to abuse power for Trump after indictment lands

FLIP-FLOP: Florida governor pledges to abuse power for Trump after indictment lands

The Republican Florida governor just promised to abuse his official powers to help the indicted former president in a major reversal ten days after promising to uphold the law.

Ron DeSantis told a March 20th, 2023 press conference that “we’re not getting involved in any way” when Donald Trump gets indicted.

Yet, tonight the Florida Governor is issuing an official statement on Twitter promising that the state of Florida won’t assist the Manhattan DA’s extradition process now that a grand jury has voted and there is a sealed indictment against Trump. DeSantis wrote on Twitter (entire message below): 

Florida will not assist in an extradition request given the questionable circumstances at issue with this Soros-backed Manhattan prosecutor and his political agenda.

It’s an abrupt reversal for DeSantis, who is unofficially running for president as a candidate that Republicans consider a Trump with more brains and less drama.

The promise to not assist in an inter-state criminal extradition process just because the Florida Governor is jockeying for the same MAGA voters that polls say are running back to Trump is perhaps the most Trumpian move DeSantis has made to date. 

Not only is the promise to use his office for political reasons a classic Trump move but the rapid about-face on a major issue when there’s tons of videotape showing him saying the exact opposite. 

Polling isn’t the only reason for this DeSantis U-turn.

Florida’s governor faced intense criticism from MAGA influencers and the Trump campaign itself after promising to just do his job by the book.

But with the cards down and the indictments flying, Ron DeSantis had to decide, and he chose to echo his political opponent in the 2024 Republican presidential primary.

Ironically, the Florida Governor issued a statement beginning with rhetoric supporting the rule of law.

It ends by trashing the rule of law.

Here’s a video of Ron DeSantis promising not to interfere in Donald Trump’s extradition:

Here’s Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ complete official statement:

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