CONFESSIONAL: Stephen Colbert brilliantly lampoons Trump in hilarious Hannity recut

CONFESSIONAL: Stephen Colbert brilliantly lampoons Trump in hilarious Hannity recut

Late Night host Stephen Colbert revamped the Trump/Hannity softball interview in a hilarious satirical clip that will likely infuriate the ex-prez.

When Hannity sat Trump down for that interview, it was an opportunity for the former president to air grievances, whine about his perceived ‘persecution,’ and present his own version of events unchallenged.

Trump complained about being investigated; insisted that even people who dislike him think indicting him is the wrong move; defended a social media post in which images made him appear to threaten District Attorney Alvin Bragg with a baseball bat; and referred without irony to the sitting President of the United States’ son as a “crackhead.”

Colbert brilliantly recut the interview with himself asking new questions, so that in the satirical version, Trump appears to agree that he should be facing many more indictments than he currently is; admits that he drove his mob to threaten his vice president, Mike Pence, with death by hanging; and redirects his criticism toward his own son.

Colbert’s “Interview Of Sean Hannity’s Interview Of The Former President” is also blessedly shorter, by far, than the original conversation, running under two minutes. The full interview is below.

It all comes at an awkward moment in history, while the United States seems to be divided on whether the unprecedented prosecution of a former president would be more harmful than allowing a former president accused of an unprecedented list of criminal activity to walk free.

While Trump’s defenders may be decreasing in number (as evidenced by the far smaller protests he was able to provoke, compared to the mob who rushed to the Capitol at his behest, as well as by his election loss), they aren’t necessarily decreasing in violence.

There have been threats against the District Attorney pursuing his hush-money case, and a bomb threat was even called in to a courtroom addressing another of his legal issues — the case in which he’s accused of falsifying property values to obtain loans and tax breaks.

Check out Colbert’s “Interview of Sean Hannity’s Interview” with Trump below.

Watch to the end to see Trump (satirically, of course) dump on his oldest son.