WINNING: Judge OWNS Trump in E. Jean Carroll ruling

WINNING: Judge OWNS Trump in E. Jean Carroll ruling

The judge overseeing the E. Jean Carroll defamation lawsuit against Donald Trump denied the former President’s request for summary judgment — meaning that the trial will proceed.

U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan declined to make a decision on the facts already in evidence, citing contradicting statements by Trump in his opinion.

“The contrasts between Mr. Trump’s assertion in his Carroll I answer and his October 12 statement show that a reasonable juror could find that his statement had a different effect on a reader than his denials and affirmative defense in his answer,” Judge Kaplan wrote.

Since coming forward, Carroll has been receiving sexist and misogynistic verbal attacks from Donald Trump, who can’t seem to quit while he’s ahead.

That behavior — coupled with the former President’s insistence on communicating every thought in his head on social media — puts Carroll closer to judicial victory.

Judge Kaplan points out the evolution of Trump’s statements regarding the rape allegation from a simple “she’s lying,” to pushing wild conspiracy theories about the author’s motives.

Kaplan wrote that “a reasonable juror could find that [Mr.] Trump was complaining of a far broader and more corrosive conspiracy, than anything that was at issue in Carroll I in October 2022.”

“It suffices for the purpose of denying summary judgment that a reasonable jury could find so as a matter of fact. For the foregoing reasons, Mr. Trump’s motion for partial summary judgment is denied,” Judge Kaplan ruled.

Though the alleged rape occurred in the 1990s, New York’s reinstatement of the Adult Survivor Act cleared the way for Carroll to seek monetary damages from the accused.

This hasn’t sat well with Trump who has used his fledgling Truth Social platform to smear the former columnist and attack her physical appearance.

Trump’s claims that Ms. Carroll “isn’t his type” fell apart in a court deposition when he mistook a picture of Carroll for that of his second ex-wife Marla Maples.

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