SLAMMED: Judge DENOUNCES Wisconsin GOP Supreme Court candidate

SLAMMED: Judge denounces Wisconsin GOP Supreme Court candidate

As the campaign for a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court intensifies, critics of far-right GOP candidate, Dan Kelly, aren’t holding back on their feelings about the Republican’s radically conservative views.

Kelly is running against Democrat Jane Protasiewicz, in a heated race that can tip the balance of power away from the extreme right before the crucial 2024 presidential election.

“As judges, we take an oath to support the constitution of the United States and the State of Wisconsin,” Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge Ellen Brostrom, said.

“Instead of supporting our constitutional rights, however, Kelly has worked to undermine the constitution and our democracy.”

Brostom – the daughter of retired former Chief Justice Pat Roggensack – accuses Kelly of conspiring with Wisconsin’s Republican Party in a fake elector plot aimed at undermining the state’s election results.

“In the United States, we proudly elect our leaders. Our leaders do not install themselves. Our entire democracy – indeed, the very idea of America – is built on this bedrock constitutional right. Kelly assisted in this scheme, and that makes him unfit to serve on our state’s highest court.”

Aside from his unwavering anti-abortion position, Mr. Kelly is an associate of Christian fundamentalist Matthew Trewhells who has advocated for a “holy war” against those who don’t subscribe to the evangelical ideology that is cause for concern.

Trewhells encourages evangelical Christians to arm themselves and likens the murder of an abortion provider to “justifiable homicide.”

“Kelly is unfit to serve on our highest court,” Brostrom said.

The Circuit Court judge has been vocal in her condemnation of Kelly’s role in spreading former President Donald Trump’s big lie.

Calling out the hit our democracy has taken in the aftermath of November 2020 — and how actions like that of MAGA loyalists contributed to that.

“The country has been subject to a massive fraud designed to convince fellow citizens that the election was stolen,” Brostrom said. “Kelly assisted in this scheme.”

After previously going for Trump, Wisconsin went blue for Biden in 2020 — making the midwestern state a battleground in the culture wars.

The upcoming election is an important one – not just for Wisconsin, but the country, since Ultra-MAGA conservatives make it clear that they have no intention of holding back in their push to turn America into a Christofascist nation.

There needs to be more denouncing and pushback on Republicans like Mr. Kelly who seek to serve a man – and a political party – over constituents and the constitution.

Kelly is seeking to fill Justice Roggensack’s seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court bench, let’s hope he fails.

Original reporting by Alex Henderson at AlterNet.

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