BULLIES: Jim Jordan leads whiny House GOP effort to silence Manhattan DA

BULLIES: Jim Jordan leads whiny House GOP effort to silence Manhattan DA

The MAGA Clown Show is really amping up ahead of the countless impending indictments coming for Donald Trump, the first of which is expected to be handed down this week by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

Trump falsely predicted he would be arrested this past Tuesday, which didn’t happen.

But the steel barricades outside the DA’s office remain in place as Bragg has now become a target for MAGA terrorists, who have called in bomb threats to the DA’s office and sent Bragg an envelope with a “suspicious white powder” inside.

Meanwhile, Trump’s willful Idiot Brigade in Congress, led by obedient trunk monkey Rep. Jim “Gym” Jordan (R-the men’s locker room showers at Ohio State), tried and failed spectacularly in their attempt to intimidate Bragg into not bringing charges against King Baby.

GYM BLOCKS: Jim Jordan's ironic, pathetic power grab
Jacketless jagoff Jim Jordan demonstrates how he plans to handle himself in the jail showers

You might recall that Gym spoke with Trump on January 6th, which resulted in one of the greatest humiliation clips of all time.

Honestly, he might as well have added, “I thought you said I was alright, Spider.”

It’s no wonder we almost never see Jordan wearing a jacket. He has no spine whatsoever to help bear any extra weight on his puny pathetic weak shoulders.

Anyway, Jordan and the rest of the compromised Congressional MAGA Brain Trust know they have absolutely no jurisdiction over Bragg’s investigation into the hush money payments Trump made to adult film star Stormy Daniels via his fixer/lawyer, Michael Cohen, both of whom recently gave new sworn testimony.

But that hasn’t stopped a House Judiciary Committee staffer from calling Bragg’s office so many times, they were told to “Stop calling us with this bullshit,” according to The New York Post.

“The Judiciary Committee staffer who called Bragg’s office at noon on Wednesday was promptly hung up on after he identified himself to a woman who answered the phone, a person familiar with the call told The Post.”

“When the staffer called back a second time and identified himself, a second woman bluntly told him, ‘Your committee has no jurisdiction over us. You’re wrong. Stop calling us with this bulls—t,’ the insider said” according to the Rupert Murdoch-owned tabloid.

Gym can flap his whiny treasonous wetmouth all he wants, but it’s nobody’s fault but Trump’s no matter how hard they twist themselves into pretzels to avoid holding him accountable.

If Trump is indicted, he’ll have to testify. If he testifies, he’s going to name all of the names of the people who conspired with him, imploding the QAnon Caucus. And that’s why we have this performative political playacting.

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