DEFIANCE: Disney World to hold largest LGBTQ+ summit in spite of “Don’t Say Gay” DeSantis

DEFIANCE: Disney World to hold largest LGBTQ+ summit in spite of "Don't Say Gay" DeSantis

The “largest LGBTQ+ conference in the world” is set to be held in September at Woke Ground Zero, aka Florida, where the “Don’t Say Gay” bill is the law of the alligator-filled swampland.

The “Parental Rights in Education” (hard eyeroll, Trumpocrites) legislation bans all discussions of sexual orientation or gender identity in Florida’s schools up until the fourth grade.

Floriduhman and white boot fetishist Gov. Ron “Tiny D” DeSantis followed that up in February when he signed a bill appointing a five-person board to oversee Disney’s formerly self-governing authority over the past 50 years, the Reedy Creek Improvement District.

Spoiler: Reichstag Ron isn’t trying to improve anything, he just wants to ruin things for others because he hates himself.

DeSantis' Ian response should be our focus, not his boots
“Hi, I’m Rhonda Santis”

Arbitrary rules governing human bodies because a repressed Republican has a case of the Icks never really land with the people super well, which is why even more gay people are about to descend on Disney World.

Out & Equal, a group that campaigns for gay, lesbian, and transgender rights in the workplace, is due to hold its 2023 workplace summit at Disney World in Orlando, Florida in September, which should trigger the unholy hell out of Governor Tiny D.

5,000 people are expected to attend Out & Equal’s workplace summit from September 11-14th. Out & Equal, which says Disney World is “the preferred place” for the group to “network and share strategies that create inclusive workplaces, where everyone belongs and where LGBTQ+ employees can be out and thrive,” also lists the Walt Disney Company as a top-tier “titanium” supporter.

Other companies listed as supporters at “lower tiers” include Mcdonald’s, IBM, Walmart, Google, and Visa. Government bodies, including the Central Intelligence Agency and the U.S. State Department, will also have booths at the conference to highlight their LGBTQ+ employees.

SUCK IT UP, Tiny D, you can’t stop people from being who they are or control who they love.

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