TERRORISM: Court hearing in Manhattan Trump case interrupted by bomb threat

TERRORISM: Court hearing in Manhattan Trump case interrupted by bomb threat

Donald Trump was denied his desired extension in a hearing in Manhattan on Tuesday. However, before the proceedings could get underway, there WAS a delay of sorts — due to a bomb threat being called into the courthouse.

Trump has called for protests, as he believed, or claimed to believe, that he would face indictment in a separate case on Tuesday.

The last time that he called for his fans to protest a perceived injustice against him, a mob appeared at the U.S. Capitol building — and, you may recall, two (actual) explosive devices were also planted as a part of that incident.

In this case, the threat was determined to be unfounded, but not before the court was closed and searched.

A spokesman for the court said that there had been no determination that it was directly connected to the Trump case.

Trump railed against the court, the judge, and the Attorney General bringing the case against him, asserting on social media that the case should have been moved to the state’s commercial division; that the lawsuit is “bogus” and that A.G. Letitia Jackson deliberately picked a “Trump-hating judge;” and that Judge Arthur Engoron is a “political hack.”

However, he did not have anything to say about the bomb threat.

From Forbes:

“The threat came in just as a judge at state civil court was preparing to begin the hearing in the Trump case…but court spokesman Lucian Chalfen told Forbes there’s “no indication” the threat was directly related to the Trump case. The courthouse at 60 Centre Street—where the hearing was being held—was shut down and searched for around half an hour before proceedings resumed, Chalfen said, including the Trump hearing.”

However, it wasn’t the only bomb threat of the day, according to ABC7NY.

In fact, the NYPD and other agencies received “numerous bomb threats” in the Manhattan area, though all were determined to be unfounded.

This all comes as law enforcement agencies gear up for protests and potential violence from supporters of the former president, though the groups of protestors who actually showed up today ended up being very small in number.

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