JOE’S NO: Biden issues first veto to block GOP’s retirement investments resolution

JOE'S NO: Biden issues first veto to block GOP's retirement investments resolution

ICYMI, the Republican Party wants to take away all of the things that will help you live comfortably for the rest of your life. Luckily, President Joe Biden is there to stymie their plans with a stroke of his veto pen.

House Republicans are writing bills to raise the retirement age and control public education while voting to end SNAP benefits and Social Security.

From forced birth to being worked to death, the never-actually-right wing wants us all sick, stupid, and suffering until we work ourselves into our early (and taxed) graves.

Thankfully, a Democratic Senate majority is going to stop most of this MAGA mishegoss from ever reaching the Resolute Desk, but since DINO Daddy EpiPen Maserati Houseboat Joe Manchin will always vote with Republicans, one of their hate bills managed to slip through anyway.

Joe Biden gifts Putin pair of Massachusetts-made Randolph sunglasses
“Oh, is the GOP trying it? That’s cute.”

The GOP wanted to overturn a retirement investment rule which would revoke a Department of Labor rule allowing retirement fund managers to consider the impact of climate change and other environmental, social, and governance factors when picking investments.

They also threw the word “woke” around this thing, which is just groan-laugh inducing.

As I’ve said, anytime one of those racist losers says “woke,” an angel dies from cringe.

Maybe I should trademark that because it’s not going to stop anytime soon.

Anyway, Dark Brandon rose to the occasion and brought the hammer down on the freedom-hating GOP with his very first veto since taking office more than two years ago.

Not only that, he served up some shade along with his great big no.

Aw, poor Marge is having a rough week, what with her Dear Leader Daddy facing those indictments and taking everyone else down with him that he can.

But Dark Brandon wasn’t done. Along with serving up his first veto in the name of protecting your money, the legitimately elected 46th President of the United States is also establishing two new national monuments.

Nevada’s Avi Kwa Ame (“Spirit Mountain”) monument will protect about 506,000 acres of land sacred to a dozen Native American tribes.

“This designation will honor Tribal Nations and Indigenous peoples by protecting this sacred Nevada landscape and its historically and scientifically important features, while conserving our public lands and growing America’s outdoor recreation economy,” according to a White House press release.

Castner Range, a former military weapon testing facility in West Texas, will now see its more than half a million federal acres under a new set of protections that will bar new mining, drilling, and other developments.

Just more proof that Democrats want to give Americans what they need while Republicans keep trying to take all of it away.

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