BEAUTIFUL MORNING: Stormy Daniels celebrates ahead of Trump indictment

BEAUTIFUL MORNING: Stormy Daniels celebrates ahead of Trump indictment

There may be nothing happening today in the Manhattan District Attorney’s case against Donald Trump, but if an indictment should go down, Stormy Daniels is ready for it.

She didn’t quite say she’d stocked up on popcorn and prepared her DVR to immortalize the moment, but Stormy spent a little time on Twitter Tuesday morning teasing the MAGA crowd.

She asked whether anything exciting is taking place on such a beautiful day, seeming to hint at Trump’s predictions that Tuesday would be the scheduled day for his indictment (although his claim seems to be false).

The adult film star said she’s living her dream, sitting on her front porch, sipping coffee, and watching her horse graze.

Meanwhile, Trump — who allegedly had an affair with her, and has spent the time since that was revealed attacking her, calling her “horseface” and other unkind names — is not having such a pleasant week.

He’s spent it in clear terror of the impending indictment, posting attacks on witnesses, begging his supporters to come to his rescue with protests, and raging in all-caps.

She’s taken to calling him “Tiny” and is tauntingly engaging with his fans, who are tweeting desperately and angrily at her.

For example, when one insisted that the former president won’t be arrested, Daniels replied, “So he lied? Again?” and reminded the miserable MAGA that Trump himself had made the prediction.

She’s even taken the opportunity to mock him again in terms of his sexual prowess — or lack thereof — declaring that sex with him was “more like a pathetic thump.”

And when another Trump defender asked what that says about her, she replied that it was just evidence of her strong stomach and lack of gag reflex.

She’s indicated before that the real-estate mogul was profoundly unappealing, describing his genitals in unflattering terms (including a reference to the character Toad, from the Mario franchise — a little fellow who is basically an anthropomorphic mushroom), and describing the experience, according to an excerpt in The Guardian, as “the least impressive sex I’d ever had.”

She and Michael Cohen — the former Trump attorney who has admitted to being the go-between for the hush money payments — have also made up and become friendly since he broke off with his former boss, and both have testified in the Manhattan case.

You can see a few of her tweets mocking Trump and his sycophants below.

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