FLAILING: Ron DeSantis alienating MAGA as Trump indictment looms

FLAILING: Ron DeSantis alienating MAGA as Trump indictment looms

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis can’t save Donald Trump from impending indictments, but by failing to even make a pretense of effort to do so, he’s still angering the former president’s fan base.

DeSantis’s announcement on Monday didn’t do anything to further endear him to the MAGA crowd, either.

From the moment Trump announced that he expected to be indicted on Tuesday, MAGA began to call for DeSantis to speak up, with many apparently believing he could shield the former president in his state, and others merely insisting that he should make a public statement of support for Trump.

Anger over the radio silence came from influential Trump supporters, including his son, and Trump’s campaign, especially as DeSantis made public statements about other matters (like the state’s hurricane response) but didn’t address the potential indictment.

At last, on Monday morning, the already-embattled governor responded to a a question, essentially declaring that he had no knowledge of the matter.

He spouted a handful of right-wing talking points about Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, George Soros, and crime, then made what could be his fatal political mistake — he mildly mocked Donald Trump and his moral and legal issues.

DeSantis’ brief comment seemed to imply both that he believes the allegations that Trump paid off an adult film star to hide an affair and protect his campaign, and that he himself is above such moral and legal misdeeds. He declared:

“Look, I don’t know what goes into paying hush money to a porn star to secure silence over some type of alleged affair. I just, I can’t speak to that.”

You’ll see that video below, but first, let’s look at some of the things MAGA was already saying about DeSantis — and any other Republican who isn’t ardently defending Trump — even before Monday’s comments.

Trump’s eldest son, Don Jr., retweeted right-wing activist Jack Posobiec, who complained about unnamed individuals who wouldn’t take “10 seconds to send a tweet” defending the former president.

Junior added his own commentary, advising fans to “pay attention to” the Republicans who neglected to speak out.

The Trump War Room social media accounts also scolded “some people” for remaining silent, and warned that they’d be judged by history.

Others, such as Trump-aligned political advisor Alex Bruesewitz, weren’t shy about calling out DeSantis by name.

Now, Trump’s supporters, such as his former spokesperson, Liz Harrington, are jumping on the new statement, and attacking DeSantis for the “dig” at the ousted and scandal-plagued ex-president.

Don Jr. also weighed in on DeSantis’ declaration that he won’t be involved in an ‘extradition’ and that he’s focusing on “real issues.”

The former president’s oldest son declared the Florida Governor to be “owned by” political donors, and showing weakness.

Check out the video clip below.

What does this mean for the GOP primary?

For Trump, it probably doesn’t change much.

For DeSantis, though, it means he’s alienating a lot of MAGA voters, and he hasn’t even announced a campaign yet.

That can’t bode well for his 2024 chances.