BLOCKHEAD: Republican has very bad advice for Donald Trump upon indictment

BLOCKHEAD: Republican has very bad advice for Donald Trump upon indictment

As law enforcement prepares for ‘protests’ of Donald Trump’s indictment to potentially turn violent in a rerun of January 6th, right-wing lawmakers and influencers are offering up their worst advice — including suggesting that Trump can get out of trouble by simply refusing to show up in court.

That suggestion actually came from an elected legislator, but media figures are weighing in too, with suggestions that include arresting or even executing Democrats in response.

Astoundingly, Trump is still being defended by Republicans in office, including Representative Claudia Tenney, a lawmaker who may need a refresher course in the criminal justice system.

Tenney actually appeared on a conservative news program to suggest that Trump won’t actually face any consequences — because he’ll just refuse to show up if he’s indicted (video below).

Now, Trump’s attorneys have already said that he’d turn himself in, and his fundraising arm has declared that he’ll “never surrender,” hinting that there may be some question in Trump Camp still about exactly how it’s going to go down, but rumors of the former president planning to barricade himself in his resort home don’t negate the simple fact that if he’s indicted, he’ll face charges.

Refusing to show up in court, historically, does not work well for defendants, and Tenney should probably take a minute to think about whether she’s offering sound legal advice.

Meanwhile, Trump’s fans in the media are offering suggestions that are even more dangerous and threatening.

One radio host wants military and law enforcement members to respond by collecting certain high-profile Democrats and executing them, and a Daily Wire host offers the slightly toned-down version of that, suggesting that states with Republican Governors and Attorneys General should respond by arresting Democrats (he says there are plenty of “criminal libs”) in retribution. Michael Knowles declared:

“I think that a Republican Governor, or more precisely, I guess, a Republican Attorney general, should arrest a prominent criminal lib…look at Clinton and Biden themselves, plenty of criminal libs who have completely gotten off the hook…I’m not saying we should go after an innocent lib, I’m saying we should go after a criminal lib…They are going after our guy, let’s go after five of their guys.”

Watch below:

More frightening is radio host Pete Santilli, who called for the execution of prominent Democrats, including Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and Susan Rice, by individuals in law enforcement and military.

While his is clearly the most horrifying suggestion, an elected lawmaker suggesting that a defendant accused of a crime can have the case “blow over” by simply refusing to appear stands out, too.

Of course, this all takes place against a background of the former president calling for his supporters to “take back” the nation, and a history of violence from his fans when they think he’s been slighted — so there’s already a potential for this to all go badly, and it’s incredibly inappropriate for influential individuals, especially elected leaders, to weigh in with dangerous suggestions.