March 19, 2023

PSAKI-BALMS: Jen brings real White House energy to new MSNBC Sunday show

PSAKI BOMBSHELL: Court rules former WH Press Sec doesn't have to testify in social media suit

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Back when she was President Joe Biden’s Press Secretary, Jen Psaki would deploy plenty of factual zingers during her daily briefings which were immediately dubbed “Psaki Bombs.”

Now she’s bringing all of that Press Room energy to a weekly viewing audience with her brand new MSNBC Sunday show, Inside with Jen Psaki.

[I might’ve gone with “Psaki Balms” for the show’s title, but that’s just me]


Yours truly always particularly enjoyed those moments when Psaki would easily own Fox “News” “correspondent” and propaganda nepo-baby Peter Doocy, who just couldn’t stop opening doors for her to walk right through and directly over him.

Psaki, who’s also writing a regular column for MSNBC’s daily morning e-newsletter while developing a show for the Peacock streaming service, kicked off her new gig by shredding the GOP ahead of the impending Trump indictments in the show’s “Don’t Freak Out” segment.

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Remember kids, any time a MAGA Republican says “woke” an angel dies from cringe.

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Psaki’s show also shares filmed interviews where she spends time getting to know a public figure.

The timing of Sunday’s first “Weekend Routine” segment featuring New York City Mayor Eric Adams couldn’t have been better planned, with former VP Mike Pence shifting blame to Adams and “NYC’s crimewave” when asked about the impending Trump indictments in a new interview.

While Psaki’s first show included chats with Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries, Psaki has said she won’t just be interviewing people she agrees with “because I don’t think that’s very interesting,” she told the Associated Press last week.

Psaki also broke down exactly what Trump is doing with his dedicated effort to once again rile up his base as he is facing actual real legal consequences.

(Side note: It would be great if MAGA would just finally blame Trump for what he actually did rather than keep hunting for liberal scapegoats on Twitter, but I digress.)

Liberal Twitter warmly welcomed Jen Psaki and her soul-healing balms into the Sunday show fold.

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