March 29, 2023

PENCE-SIEVE: Former VP just can’t pick a lane when it comes to Trump

PENCE-SIEVE: Former VP just can't pick a lane when it comes to Trump

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If your former boss churned up an angry mob to force you to commit a crime against the United States — and they all brought a noose to your workplace in case they happened to catch up with you while you were hiding from them — wouldn’t you maybe hold a grudge?

Asked about 'hang Mike Pence' chant, Trump gives the wrong answer

I know, but you’re clearly not Mike “Onward Christian Soldiers” Pence, who can’t figure out how to (maybe) run for President in 2024 without always having to talk about Donald Trump and the innumerable crimes he’s committed.

On the one tiny hand, Pence has occasionally spoken out against the former guy publicly, like when he explained to a room full of GOP donors that “Trump was wrong” about January 6th and Pence’s ability to overturn the 2020 presidential election results.

But on the other tiny greased palm, Pence knows what happens when MAGAts get big mad, and even Mother won’t be able to protect him if they come for him again.

This is how we got yet another Pence interview full of a lot of nothing, thanks to ABC‘s Jonathan Karl, who asked him about the impending Trump indictments and his call for protest.

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Pence sidestepped that by moving the Whataboutism goalposts to the edge of the roof of Trump Tower.

Sure, talk about the New York City “crimewave” instead of how the MAGA mob wanted to hang you, MiKKKey.

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That’s not an answer, is it?

THEY HAVE NO ANSWERS, just more smoke and propaganda. This is literally painful to watch.

Everything Donald Trump did is 100% Donald Trump’s fault, but his enablers also need to be held accountable.

The one good thing about the impending indictments is that Trump is going to throw everyone he can under the bus with him.

Dry-Kiss Mother goodbye, Mikey.

Vice president Mike Pence, second lady test negative for the coronavirus: spokesman -

Meanwhile, the Sunday schadenfreude was hot and fresh on Twitter.

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