April 1, 2023

$2.7 BILLION: Fox News faces a defamation suit more dangerous than Dominion

$2.7 BILLION: Fox News faces a defamation suit more dangerous than Dominion

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I’d like to send a fruit basket to the auteur of the $2.7 billion Smartmatic defamation lawsuit against Fox News because its opening salvo is the stuff of legend:

“The Earth is round. Two plus two equals four. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won the 2020 election.”

Now, maybe some of you have tweeted something similar over the last 27 months, but to have it in a real legal lawsuit — one that blows up the disinfotainment network even bigger than the Dominion defamation lawsuit — is the extra ketchup on the supersized fries Trump just hurled at the wall.

While Dominion’s suit has dominated the news, Smartmatic’s is apparently the more dangerous one for Rupert Mordor Murdoch.

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They carry evil in their jowls

According to its lawsuit, more than 100 false statements regarding Smartmatic’s involvement in the 2020 presidential election were broadcast by Fox News hosts and guests.

Among the unproven claims, Fox News hosts pushed propaganda claiming Smartmatic was involved in 2020 election counts in six battleground states.

In reality, Smartmatic was present only at the count in Los Angeles county.

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The lawsuit frames Fox News‘s attempts to blame Trump’s loss on the voting machines as a dedicated attempt to find a scapegoat for his loss instead of having to tell their audience the truth about how math works.

In support of Trump’s stolen election conspiracy theory, Fox News “did not want Biden to win the election. They wanted Trump to win re-election … They also saw an opportunity to capitalize on Trump’s popularity by inventing a story,” the lawsuit says.

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And how! Fox News hosts claimed Smartmatic “shared its technology with Dominion,” when the two companies had no communication and are actually rivals.

Fox News also tapped into the collective MAGA fear by pushing the “false and defamatory” lie that Smartmatic was in cahoots with “foreign governments” in a “conspiracy to rig the vote for Biden,” as Rudy “Colludy” Giuliani said on MAGA Money Dummy Maria Bartiromo’s show.

Anything that hastens the end of Fox is fine by me.

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Tara Dublin

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