March 16, 2023

REVENGE: Criminal referrals coming for Liz Cheney and others, claims Rep. Gosar

REVENGE: Criminal referrals coming for Liz Cheney and others, claims Rep. Gosar

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The House of  Representatives, now dominated by a Republican majority, has gotten to work on its vengeance agenda, and Congressman Paul Gosar (R-AZ) says they’ve got more coming, in the form of criminal referrals.

In addition to hearings attacking the Justice Department, the Biden Administration, and others they perceive as political enemies, they’ll also be pursuing charges for Liz Cheney and others who served on the January 6th Committee.

Gosar certainly has reason enough to resent the Committee, which pursued the truth behind the planning and execution of the attack on the Capitol.

He’s been accused of having a significant role in it, not only allegedly throwing his support behind Stop The Steal leader Ali Alexander to put together the day’s protests and helping coordinate Trump’s rally ahead of the solemnization of the electoral vote, but also trying to reach Vice President Mike Pence with websites and conspiracy theories that he deemed “evidence” of a stolen election.

Now, his party has control of the House, and Gosar seems confident they can take vengeance on the Committee members who, through their interviews and investigation, uncovered and revealed to the public so much of the scheming and plotting behind the attack.

He’s not stopping there, either — Gosar says there are members of the military who will also be held accountable, though he doesn’t specify what role he’s accusing them of taking.

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He’s also not clear on what crimes, exactly, he is alleging Cheney and the other members of the panel committed, but one thing is clear: the GOP is focused on revenge, whether or not there’s any legitimate justification.

Gosar spoke to Gateway Pundit:

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Gateway Pundit: “Is there a chance you guys could prosecute certain members of Congress or former Members over January 6th?”

Gosar: “I wouldn’t leave it at just that, I think there’s also military that are involved. I think heads have to roll.”

Check out the clip below.

Gosar is only one of several Members of Congress who were implicated in the January 6th plotting by other planners.

Ali Alexander told the panel that Gosar was seen as someone who could “relay messages,” and Alex Bruesewitz, another rally planner, reportedly contacted Gosar about “coordinat[ing] with the other members,” which the Congressman affirmed he was doing to the best of his ability, according to an October 2021 report from POLITICO.

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