April 1, 2023

SKIMMING: Check your bank accounts–this latest Santos allegation is a doozy!

SKIMMING: Check your bank accounts--this latest Santos allegation is a doozy!

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In his short time in Congress, George Santos has been accused of — and in some cases admitted to — lying profusely, about everything from his education to his work history. There have also been allegations that are more in the realm of finances and criminality — and the latest one is both.

This time the allegation doesn’t come from law enforcement or campaign researchers, but from an alleged co-conspirator, Gustavo Ribeiro Trelha, who was convicted in 2017.

He now says that Santos was in charge, and taught him how to clone credit cards, and how to use skimmers, devices that are inserted into ATM slots and steal information when cards are used.

Trelha says that he saw the disgraced NY congressman on TV in his role as Congressman, and felt he had to speak up.

He says he was renting a room from Santos at the time, and that Santos also stole the money he was saving for his bail.

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Another former roommate partially corroborated this, reporting that Santos had come to collect money for Trelha, and Santos was present at Trelha’s arraignment, seeming to confirm the connection, though not necessarily the allegation. But Trelha says he was never able to make contact with Santos again. From Politico:

“Trelha agreed to say he was working for someone in Brazil and not with Santos, because he was worried Santos would have his friends in Orlando deported, he said in a telephone interview last month…In an audio recording of Trelha’s May 15, 2017 arraignment in King County Superior Court, Santos tells the judge he’s a “family friend” who was there to secure a local Airbnb if the defendant was released on bail.”

Santos has released a short statement denying the story, and saying he’ll”go over it all” with a news organization “willing to do good journalism.”

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He does not address that his presence at Trelha’s arraignment is documented.

He has previously been asked about his long list of scandals and alleged misdeeds by reporters, and, while he’s admitted to the spate of lies he told on his way to a Congressional seat, the other allegations against him have been met with simple denials, dodging, and redirection.

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