March 31, 2023

PROXY: Ivanka Trump asks for delay in NY fraud case

PROXY: Ivanka Trump asks for delay in NY fraud case

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Ivanka Trump is asking for a delay in the New York case against her family for alleged financial fraud, arguing that she needs more time to provide proof that she wasn’t involved.

Her explanation seems to dump the blame on her father and brothers — but if she’s successful in the quest for a delay, it could also be a campaign boon for Donald Trump.

Ivanka is arguing that she was not responsible for handling the company’s finances, and that, besides, she resigned from the Trump Organization in 2017 to instead join her father in the White House.

She says that handling finances was a responsibility left to unnamed “others,” and that she needs more time for her attorneys to prepare a defense.

New York State Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron has already said the case will proceed in October “come hell or high water,” but Ivanka’s request mirrors one from her father earlier this month. He sought a six-month delay, which would push the trial date out far enough to potentially decrease its effect on the GOP primary.

The lawsuit was filed in September of last year, meaning that the current court date provided over a year in which to assemble evidence of her resignation from the company, and her duties during her time as an executive vice president of the Trump Organization. As reported by The Independent:

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“Ivanka Trump…has asked for a delay in bringing the $250m fraud lawsuit filed against her, her brothers, her father and their family’s eponymous real estate company to trial because a [defense] arguing that she wasn’t responsible for fraudulent financial statements issued by the company will take more time to prepare…Ms. Trump’s request for delay cites the “unique” circumstances of her role in the case and notes that she has not been accused of lying about her father’s finances.”

Republican primaries begin in February, so a six-month delay (especially if Trump could secure further delays later) could prevent a verdict from being a major influence.

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Ivanka’s plea comes only four days after The Hill reported that her daddy was begging for the same reprieve — suggesting that her lawyers can, at least, complete certain filings in a timely manner.

If she’s not granted this delay, they still have nearly 8 months in which to collect documentation that is presumably as close as her father’s office.

Attorney General Letitia James has responded, saying that the “hardship is self-inflicted,” since they didn’t have to wait “until the eve of the fact discovery deadline” to start the process of discovery and preparing for trial.

Even before the lawsuit was announced in September, the family, and the public, knew that the Attorney General’s office was investigating the company and its leadership for allegedly falsifying financial records in order to benefit from loans and other financial benefits to which they would not otherwise have been entitled.

In fact, Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen testified before Congress about the then-president’s financial dealings in 2019, opening the door for these investigations.

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