March 29, 2023

CHASED: Nikki Haley makes mad dash escape after saying THIS at CPAC

Nikki Haley makes mad dash escape after saying THIS at CPAC

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Former Trump-appointed Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley is finding out that deciding to throw her hat in the 2024 Presidential ring may not have been the best idea.

Heckled by Trump supporters at CPAC, the former South Carolina Governor was chased into an elevator with maniacal MAGA fanatics shouting “Trump 24!”

Watch the video below.

According to MSNBC’s Willie Geist, things got hairy when Haley made what some considered to be a “veiled shot” at Trump, by suggesting it was time for the Republican Party to move on.

Haley reportedly told the CPAC crowd “we need a new generation of leadership,” and asked “are you tired of losing?” Geist told his Morning Joe co-hosts.

Based on the crowd’s visceral reaction, it’s safe to say that the answer to both questions is a resounding no.

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A where-ever-the-wind-blows style of conservative, Haley previously pledged loyalty to the former President, vowing not to challenge him if he announced a third run for the White House.

But in true Haley fashion, she’s apparently changed her mind and is putting herself on the receiving end of his loyal following’s wrath.

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Though she has her supporters, the incident at CPAC – or TPAC as some Trump loyalists are calling it – was a wake-up call that the party she has faithfully served has taken a sharp turn towards the extreme right.

While signing autographs and taking pictures with her supporters, Haley was surrounded by Trump fans who proceeded to heckle the presidential hopeful with shouts of “We love Trump.”

Pro-Trump radio talk show host, John Fredericks agrees, pointing out in an interview on Wednesday that other potential rivals, such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, declined to appear at the conference out of the fear of getting the same type of scorn as Nikki Haley – and of possibly getting booed.

“Remember, you’re not at CPAC, you’re at TPAC,” he said. “We own this thing, it’s ours,” “No Trump, no CPAC,” Fredericks said.

To add insult to injury, Haley – a rumored potential running mate – lost out to failed Arizona gubernatorial candidate, Kari Lake, who beat out the Indian-American rising politician in a CPAC straw poll as the preferred ultra-MAGA choice for Vice President.

Now that is frightening.

A vocal critic of Donald Trump during his initial run for President, Haley quickly changed her tune to strengthen her position in the GOP – but that ship has sailed.

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According to Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), it’s the ultra-MAGA party now.

With the future of this country — and democracy — at stake, let’s hope she’s wrong.

Watch the MSNBC clip below.

Original reporting by Willie Geist at MSNBC and by Isaac Arnsdorf and Meryl Kornfield at The Washington Post.

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