March 30, 2023

WATCH: Trump’s sickening CPAC speech packed with fantasies of destruction

DERANGED: Trump's sickening CPAC speech packed with fantasies of destruction

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The speech that Donald Trump gave at CPAC last night was as bizarre and dangerous as most of his despotic delusions.

Among other things, Trump blathered on with fantasies about World War III and about Russia staging an attack on NATO headquarters, indulged in creepy speculation about the sex lives and reproductive choices of the audience, and shared his belief that he’d be back in office within 6 weeks of President Joe Biden’s inauguration.

Trump threatened that WWIII would be impending if he’s not elected and boasted of his close relationship with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

He also described — in apparent admiring rapture — to his audience exactly how Putin could attack NATO headquarters.

He promised financial boons to people who feel they’ve been wronged by Biden’s policies of building an Administration that better represents the diversity of the American people, hinting that white people will be getting restitution for some unclear slight.

He also promised a payday for reproducing, promising “baby bonuses” to families that increase their offspring — and letting the men in the audience know they’re “so lucky” that this policy will boost their sex lives.

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Other portions of the speech were even less coherent, such as a ramble about electric vehicles, and an announcement that he plans to work with governors to eliminate “ugly” buildings and replace them with “the classical style of western civilization.”

It was unclear whether this was a proposal to use taxpayer dollars to replace government buildings, or if he intended to suggest homeowners or businesses would be pressured to alter their buildings.

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Here are all the most bizarre video clips from his speech:

In the first two clips below, Trump threatens World War 3 if he’s not elected, and reminds everyone of his admiration for Putin.

Trump reveals that he left office believing he’d be back in the White House within 6 weeks, and indicates that people around him were telling him as much, then swings back to his dictatorial fantasies as he suggests Russia could take out NATO headquarters easily.

He touted his “baby bonuses” plan — and managed to make it sound like he believes he’s offering a gift to the men in the audience.

(Can someone let Trump know that healthy relationships exist, in which sex lives and reproduction aren’t treated as transactions or debts?)

Couples producing more babies aren’t the only ones to whom he promised a cash bonus, though.

Trump says he wants to set up a restitution fund in response to racial discrimination — by which he means, to soothe the pains of people who feel offended that Biden has broken records for diversity in his Administration and Cabinet and that discussions about reparations for the effects of slavery are still taking place in various places around the country.

Trump’s special skill at straddling a fence by spewing a string of words that contradicts themselves — and make no concrete promise — was on full display when he reached the portion of his speech about electric cars, in which he declared that “we don’t want the oil and gas cars, but we want everything, including electric cars, but we also want gasoline.”

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As for the audience — well, enthusiasm for Trump hasn’t seemed so lackluster since the early days of his 2016 campaign, when he was widely viewed as a joke candidate.

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) even mocked him, according to The Hill, saying that Trump has lost the ability to pull a crowd.

“You saw the scenes at CPAC, that room was half-full. The reason I don’t think the rallies are going on … I don’t think the rallies would be nearly as big as they were before.”

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