March 18, 2023

OBSESSION: Here’s the least effective way that Trump is fighting against DeSantis

SACRIFICIAL SLAM: Trump created this monster and now he wants to destroy it

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Political strategizing used to involve a team of experts helping to strengthen their candidate’s chances of winning by just using the opposition’s track record for ammunition.

But thanks to an overgrown orange toddler flinging his diaper all over politics, whatever respectful and intellectual discourse that still existed in politics was brought to a grinding halt and was replaced with grade school name-calling and other bullying tactics.

In fact, we’re now at the point where Donald Trump’s team is devoting days of campaign planning — and therefore also untold amounts of grifted donations — to coming up with new ways to insult his biggest potential political threat in 2024, Floridistan Governor “Reischtag Ron” DeSantis, aka “DeathSantis.”

(Not Trump’s nicknames, btw)

Imagine being such a small, fragile, thin-skinned, weak bully that you actually devote any time, let alone DAYS of your life, to coming up with new nicknames for someone you see as a threat.

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Since he can’t win by running on his record, TFG needs to revert to the schoolyard.

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He’s been pressing his team to come up with several different alternatives to mix things up along with “DeSanctimonious,” a nickname he shared (and also probably got from someone else) a few days ahead of the midterm elections, just before launching his own presidential bid in November 2022.

Trump has apparently also floated “Ron DisHonest,” “Ron DeEstablishment,” and “Tiny D,” because every accusation is a confession from the tiniest, most dishonest, establishment stooge Putin ever compromised.

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You’ll never beat the clever women of this website, however hard you try, Tiny Trump.

Trump is just so weak and pathetic, he couldn’t even call DeSatan (also not his creation) out by name at CPAC. He just referred to “RINOs” as he wheezed through his unhinged hate speech.

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But it’s not like anyone was really listening to the OG Tiny D, anyways.

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Tara Dublin

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