April 1, 2023

HATEFUL: CPAC speaker denies seeking “eradication” of transgender Americans — but he did

HATEFUL: CPAC speaker denies seeking "eradication" of transgender Americans — but he did

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MAGA is a hate cult full of suppressed, closeted, self-hating losers, and (the poorly-attended) CPAC is just one place where they publicly gather to prove it.

The concept of letting other people just live their lives in peace is fully lost on these willfully obtuse, carefully-taught Trumpocrites, who kick off their every hatefest with the Pledge of Allegiance and throw around Bible verses as if they’re in the Constitution.

But this weekend’s roundup of the religious right-wing may be the most insane and dangerous one they’ve held yet because there’s been a ton of terrible transphobic trash being thrown out from that stage along with the rest of their hate speeches.

Enter Michael Knowles of The Daily Wire (aka the Digital Hate Propaganda Fishwrap), who got up on the CPAC stage on Saturday and told the dozen or so attendees that it was time to “eradicate transgenderism from public life entirely” in America.

American conservative political commentator Michael J. Knowles (Jason Kempin/Getty Images)
Michael Knowles is just big mad that he’ll never look pretty in drag

Of course, that’s a not-very-veiled way of saying he wants to eradicate transgender people.

But, since he didn’t say those exact words in that exact sequence, he’s out there virtue-signaling all of the MAGA snowflakes to attack anyone who calls him out on his transphobia.

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Just like Trump, Mediocre MAGA Michael is already threatening to sue anyone who’s out there “misquoting” him like a giant baby.

Replace “transgender” with “Jews” or “Black people” and then you’ll really get what he’s doing.

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It’s just so pathetic and small to try to tell us we aren’t hearing and seeing what we’re hearing and seeing from the Putin Propaganda Puppets, who went plaid as they hit Ludicrous Speed with the denials.


Silence is complicity, which is why we’re not going to let Michael KKKnowles or anyone else erase any marginalized communities in this country.

Twitter repeatedly delivered receipts because there are still plenty of allies out here in the fight.

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Tara Dublin

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