March 16, 2023

CONVICTION: Election-denying Colorado county clerk GUILTY of obstruction

CONVICTION: Election-denying Arizona county clerk GUILTY of obstruction

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Tina Peters, a former county clerk in Mesa County, Colorado, was found guilty by a jury of her peers on one of two obstruction counts stemming from her refusal to allow a police officer to access an iPad on which she had allegedly secretly recorded a court proceeding.

Peters, already indicted on charges of election tampering, faced additional charges of obstructing government operations and obstructing a police officer after she was accused of secretly recording a court proceeding and refused to allow an investigating officer access to the device allegedly used.

She reportedly claimed that the device was not hers, and instead belonged to a “Tammy Bailey” — a name her attorney admitted in court Peters used as an alias.

The former county clerk’s election tampering charges stem from allegations that she illegally downloaded election data — an act for which she blames Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO).

However, she doesn’t seem to have taken the charges, or the authority on which she was arrested, too seriously. Her bond on that indictment was revoked after she ignored orders not to leave the state, and headed to Las Vegas to speak at a political event.

Meanwhile, her guilty verdict hits in the obstruction case and sentencing is scheduled for April. Peters could face a fine as high as $750, and up to three months of jail time, according to Colorado law.

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From the Associated Press:

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“Peters was briefly detained on Feb. 8, 2022, at a cafe where she was meeting with other people when investigators from the district attorney’s office showed up with a warrant to seize the iPad. Peters gave the iPad to another person, and police were then called.”

Peters’ denials that the device belonged to her were part of testimony against her in the case.

This behavior all stems from Peters’ previous election conspiracy theories — the proceedings she was recording, according to CPR News, were against her deputy clerk, Belinda Knisley, for her presence at the clerk’s office after she was ordered to stay away during the investigation into the allegations of illegally downloaded election data.

Knisley, incidentally, pled guilty to trespassing, official misconduct, and violation of duty, but declared in court that Peters had directed her actions, 9News reported.

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Correction: An earlier version of this article erroneously stated that Tina Peters was convicted in Arizona, not Colorado. We regret the error.

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