March 16, 2023

BUMBLING: Ron DeSantis can’t answer one simple question about Ukraine

BUMBLING: Ron DeSantis can't answer one simple question about Ukraine

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Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) got testy during a press conference on Thursday after a reporter asked the partisan politician how he would handle the war in Ukraine.

“When I asked him how it should be handled differently,” The Times of London U.S. editor David Charter said, “he refers to Biden being ‘weak on the world stage,’ and failing at deterrence.”

Despite not answering the journalist’s question, when Carter pressed the wannabe dictator to elaborate on what he would do differently, “Perhaps you should cover some other ground?” was the response.

“I think I’ve said enough,” DeSantis added.

How brave of him.

The Times of New London is owned by none other than Fox News head, Rupert Murdoch, and is by no means a “liberal” media outlet.

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Though he has yet to confirm rumors that he plans to run for the 2024 Republican nomination for President, DeSantis seems to be making the obligatory rounds of one laying the groundwork for a presidential run, including publicly criticizing the man who will most likely be his Democratic opponent, President Joe Biden.

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The authoritarian governor appeared on Fox News recently, seizing on the opportunity to condemn the President’s visit to Ukraine on Father’s Day, by dismissing Russia as a danger to world democracy.

“The fear of Russia going into NATO countries and all that steamrolling,” he said on Fox & Friends. “You know, that has not even come close to happening.”

DeSantis has increased his attacks on the free press as the clock winds down toward the 2024 race, from refusing credentialed journalists and reporters access to his public – and taxpayer-funded speaking events – to supporting legislation aimed at restricting the ability of independent journalists to write about the potential 2024 candidate.

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That The Times is owned by a fellow right-wing Christo-fascist may have swayed the governor to allow the reporter access, but it apparently didn’t go as planned.

Instead,  DeSantis showed his ineptitude and amplified the belief that Republicans literally have no plan outside of culture wars and criticism.

When it comes to running a real nation, we need leaders who have put thought into the policies they want to change, and at the least can back up what they say with an actual plan.

Original reporting by Tom Porter at Business Insider. 

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Ty Ross

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