March 31, 2023

SINISTER: CPAC starts with creepy fantasies of locking up Democrats

SINISTER: CPAC starts with creepy fantasies of locking up Democrats

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CPAC is off and running, and unsurprisingly, opened with fantasies of vengeance against Democrats for COVID-19 safety measures put into effect under the Trump Administration and other unspecified grievances.

Specifically, Representative Scott Perry wants Democrats to be terrified, too anxious to eat, and stuck in a state of dread over impending imprisonment.

Perry may be accidentally disclosing too much about Republicans’ own feelings since President Biden took office and the investigation of January 6th began, when he lists the emotions and fears he hopes to provoke in Dems.

After all, fear of arrest seems a more likely prospect for someone being investigated for involvement in election schemes, particularly an elected Representative who even had his phone seized, than for someone accused of enforcing safety protocols.

Neither Perry nor his audience seem bothered by the fact that these health protocols were put in place by both Republican and Democratic leadership, including, at the Federal level, by the Trump Administration, nor about the lives the measures saved.

He was caught up entirely in listing his desires for punishing Democrats, and CPAC was eating it up.

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Perry wasn’t alone in setting the tone for the beginning of CPAC, either — another conservative took time on stage to indulge in a fantasy about shooting reporters. Ironically, the speaker himself is a columnist for a right-wing publication.

He laughed about a military sergeant asking if it would be okay to shoot reporters, then joked:

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“No, no, no, I would never advocate hunting the media for sport.”

(Clip below.)

As for Perry, his only specific stated complaint about Democrats may have been pandemic regulations, but he seemed to imply a broader frustration, repeatedly addressing what he described as “used the awesome power of the Federal government to cow us into fear.”

It bears a striking parallel to claims by Donald Trump and others in his camp that the investigations into election meddling, and other investigations into his alleged illegal activities, are a case of governmental abuse of power.

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Below, check out Kurt Schlicter, a TownHall columnist, joking about killing reporters.

Here’s Scott Perry, vowing vengeance on Democrats.

CPAC seems to be off to an authoritarian and tyrannical start — and there is a whole weekend of it ahead still.

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