March 31, 2023

OVERRULED: Judge responds to criticisms of Grand Juror’s chatty media tour

OVERRULED: Judge responds to criticisms of Grand Juror's chatty media tour

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After the public comments of one member of the Fulton County, Georgia Grand Jury investigation into Trump’s election interference and a lot of backlash, the judge overseeing the matter is speaking out and addressing allegations that her disclosures broke the law.

Grand Jury foreperson Emily Kohrs has appeared on various news shows to share her experiences, disclosing, among other things, that the final report included a long list of recommendations for indictment.

She didn’t address specifics, like whether Donald Trump himself is on that list, what specific criminal charges are included in the allegations, or who else is included.

Still, Trump and his attorneys, like everyone else, seem to have made some inferences, and aren’t happy with them.

His attorneys are on the record declaring that the process was “tainted,” and Trump himself posted a social media rant you’ll see below, calling Kohrs “out of control” and declaring her media appearances “illegal and unprecedented.”

Now Judge Robert McBurney has responded to the criticism, and, while he didn’t go so far as to specifically say whether Kohrs was right to share the information, he made it very clear that the laws governing what the Georgia Grand Jury can share are quite limited, particularly compared to Federal Grand Juries. ABC quoted Judge McBurney:

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“[I]t’s important for people to understand that witness testimony is not deliberations…you don’t talk about what the group discussed about the witnesses’ testimony, but you can talk about witness testimony. You could talk about things that the assistant district attorneys told you…And then finally, you can talk about the final report because that is the product of your deliberations, but it’s not your deliberations.”

That’s in direct contrast to what Trump’s attorney, Drew Findling, has claimed.

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He says that “the reliability of anything that has taken place in there is completely tainted and called into question,” according to PBS, and cited Kohrs as evidence of “a circus that cloaked itself as a special purpose grand jury.”

Trump, too, seems to believe that his declarations of illegality supersede Georgia’s actual laws. He posted on his social media, falsely accusing the juror of making disclosures “during the process,” though she did not make any media appearances until the panel was disbanded, insisted he himself had done nothing wrong, and declared the case against him “dead.”

There is no case against me in Georgia because I did NOTHING WRONG, but in any event, and everyone agrees, the out of control Foreperson who did an illegal and unprecedented Media Tour DURING the process, makes the case dead for a second reason. Same in New York City, where the Democrat Prosecutor actually wrote and released a book during the Witch Hunt…TAINTED both! TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME coupled with Prosecutorial Misconduct!

[Screenshot via Donald Trump/Truth Social]
Over Kohrs’ media appearances, she has not made any startling or monumental disclosures — in fact, as the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported, one thing she’s said consistently is that the list of recommended indictments wouldn’t surprise anyone:

You’re not going to be shocked. There may be parts of it that you did not expect, but I don’t believe that the season finale will have any major plot twists, you know what I mean?

She did share that the list of suggested indictments is long, but didn’t name specific names or crimes in the list, nor share any deep secrets about the deliberation process.

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