March 29, 2023

CRUSHED: Swalwell owns Gaetz during testy Judiciary Committee hearing

GUILTY: Trump impersonator admits sending death threats to Rep. Swalwell & his staff

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The GOP Qlown Show was on full display on Tuesday as the now-Republican-led House Judiciary Committee decided to hold a hearing about COVID-19 and why the virus’s spread all over America was squarely Joe Biden’s fault while in cahoots with Dr. Anthony Fauci.

While the Mar-a-Lago Players staged a very poorly scripted dress rehearsal of “Wuhan! The Biden China Virus,” the Democrats came prepared to shut them down with those pesky little facts that somehow never seem to make it into a GOP final cut.

Aside from Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) fully schooling Rep. Lauren “Squeaky” Boebert about the Trump administration’s full responsibility for COVID misinformation, House Democrats barely broke a sweat owning their GOP colleagues on the Judiciary Committee by simply spitting facts.

Matt Gaetz compares Eric Swalwell to this ex-congressman | Fox News
Swalwell: There’s nothing funny about inviting murderers to the House Gaetz: SHE SAID SHE WAS 18! Oh wait, that’s another thing

Then there’s my Dem Crush, Rep. Eric “Swoony” Swalwell of California, who has a patently unfair advantage when it comes to owning the GOP in that he’s so smart and dreamy and informed.

Swalwell also gets that the truth is anathema to the Trumpocrites on the other side of the aisle and will shut down anyone who still tries to use that dumb Chinese spy trope on him (we don’t link to that because we follow my Dem Crush’s example in taking the high road whenever possible).

It’s glorious to watch him own the GQP racists and xenophobes. Check out Swalwell reminding Rep. Matt “Florida Swamp” Gaetz, who tried to smuggle a small gremlin into the hearing behind his giant fivehead, about that time he invited an accused murderer to the House.

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Gaetz also got his own dumb ass handed right back to him by a witness at the hearing, so just enjoy watching the GQP Clown Shown come to a screeching halt in real-time.

Tara Dublin is a woefully underappreciated and unrepresented writer currently shopping a super cool novel that has nothing to do with politics while also fighting fascism on the daily.

Follow her on Twitter @taradublinrocks.

Editor’s note: This is an opinion column that solely reflects the opinions of the author.

Tara Dublin

Tara Dublin is a woefully unrepresented writer who thinks more people would read her cool rock & roll love story inspired by Dave Grohl than any ghostwritten GOP crapbook, agents & publishers. Follow Tara on Twitter @taradublinrocks

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