March 31, 2023

SUSPICIOUS: Why did Herschel Walker pay $595K in campaign funds to a defunct car wash?

SUSPICIOUS: Why did Herschel Walker pay $595K in campaign funds to a defunct car wash?

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Herschel Walker, the former NFL player turned Republican Senate candidate in Georgia, may have lost his race to Senator Raphael Warnock, but only now are some of the questions about the financing of his quixotic campaign coming to the surface.

Walker is now under scrutiny for his curious financial dealings with a donor-owned car wash and his use of private jets that cost nearly $600,000.

It’s no secret that wealthy donors often contribute significant amounts of money to political campaigns, but the extent of Walker’s financial ties to his donors raises serious questions about the influence they may have held over him if he had been elected to office.

According to a recent report by Fox5 Atlanta, Walker received over $3 million in campaign contributions, with a significant portion of that money coming from just two donors: Carter’s Trucking and R.C. Hobbs Company.

Both companies are owned by Robin Carter, a wealthy Republican donor who has also donated to other conservative candidates and causes.

But it’s not just the amount of money Walker received from Carter and Hobbs that is concerning. It’s the fact that Walker’s campaign paid Carter’s Trucking over $700,000 for “consulting services” and “event planning” – services that are not typically provided by a trucking company.

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Additionally, Walker’s campaign paid R.C. Hobbs Company nearly $1 million for “consulting services,” which raises further questions about the legitimacy of these expenses.

Perhaps even more concerning is Walker’s use of private jets, which cost his campaign nearly $600,000.

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While it’s not uncommon for candidates to use private jets for campaign travel, the fact that Walker’s campaign spent such a large amount of money on private jets raises questions about whether he is using donor funds for personal gain.

Walker has defended his use of private jets, arguing that they were necessary to campaign effectively across the state. But his campaign’s financial ties to Carter and Hobbs, combined with the exorbitant cost of the private jets, suggest that there may be more to the story.

According to the Federal Election Commission, Team Herschel, Walker’s campaign operation, wired 11 payments worth $595,606 for “air charter” to Jetts Car Wash, LLC, a defunct car wash owned by a Walker donor who contributed the maximum amount to the former NFL star’s campaign.

Fox5 Atlanta detailed the payments, campaign contributions, and the convoluted business operations of the owner of Jetts in this article, but one interesting fact emerged about the original owner of the jet that Walker used to ferry himself around during last year’s campaign — it was formerly owned by Jeffrey Epstein.

Yes, THAT Jeffrey Epstein.

It’s not just Democrats who are concerned about Walker’s financial dealings.

Republican strategist Brian Robinson recently criticized Walker for his lack of transparency and urged him to provide a detailed explanation for his campaign’s expenses.

“This is about transparency and accountability,” Robinson said. “When you’re running for office, you have a responsibility to the people to explain what you’re doing with their money.”

Walker’s campaign has yet to provide a detailed explanation for its expenses, and it remains to be seen whether the former football star will face any consequences for his financial dealings.

But one thing is clear: the American people deserve transparency and accountability from their elected officials and those running to become one of them.

If Herschel Walker wanted to represent the people of Georgia in the Senate, he must be willing to answer tough questions about his financial ties and provide a detailed explanation for his campaign’s expenses.

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The fact that Walker’s campaign has received millions of dollars from just two donors raises serious questions about the influence these donors would hold over him if he was ever elected.

And the exorbitant cost of the private jets he has used for campaign travel — and the suspicious nature of the defunct car wash that the payments were addressed to — suggests that he may be using donor funds for personal gain.

Georgia voters deserve to know the truth about Herschel Walker’s financial dealings — if only to see how large a bullet they dodged

Original reporting by Thomas Catenacci and Joe Schoffstall at Fox5 Atlanta.

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