March 29, 2023

PLEDGE: RNC Chair reveals the 2024 election strategy

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In a Sunday morning interview, Republican National Committee (RNC) Chair Ronna McDaniel made it very clear what the public can expect from the 2024 election.

Unfortunately, it’s more of the same antics — election denial and infighting — that have characterized the party in recent election cycles.

Is everyone sick of the “I accept the results if I win” attitude?

Perhaps everyone except McDaniel, Donald Trump, and the rest of the MAGA contingent, as the RNC Chair declared when given an opportunity to discuss accepting the outcome in 2024, saying that the Republican nominee will accept the outcome of the general election — because they’ll be President.

Her party’s nominee may not even make it to the general election before the issue arises, though.

Ronna insisted that the GOP pick will be supported by the other candidates because she expects to require candidates to sign a pledge before they’re permitted on the debate stage.

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She didn’t, however, address the fact that Trump signed a similar pledge in 2016 and still said he might not support the nominee — or that he said only days ago that he wouldn’t commit to supporting the nominee in 2024 if it isn’t him.

In fact, McDaniel doubled down on the pattern of election denial, declaring, “We should always be able to talk about that” and insisting that if people have “questions” about an election it should be part of the conversation — even though the ‘questions’ in 2020 were the result of false narratives and conspiracy theories spread by the then-President and his allies.

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Meanwhile, Trump, the top declared candidate for her party, is still spreading lies about the 2020 election, and the Justice Department, Georgia prosecutors, and others are still working through the crimes committed in the name of that lie and making determinations about whether Trump himself may be criminally culpable.

Check out the clips below from McDaniel’s Sunday interview.

Ronna insists there will be no issues with the candidates not supporting the eventual nominee since they’ll all sign a pledge.

She indicates that she does not believe Trump will choose to skip the debate or that he would sign the pledge and then still not support the nominee if it isn’t him.

As for the general election, she says that the GOP nominee will accept the outcome in November — but only because, she is certain, the Republican nominee will win and be elected President.

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Should election denial be put to pasture, and the focus turned to reality?

Unfortunately, not on Ronna’s watch at the RNC!

Steph Bazzle covers politics and theocracy, always aiming for a world free from extremism and authoritarianism. Follow Steph on Twitter @imjustasteph.

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