March 31, 2023

OFFENSIVE: Dilbert creator’s bizarre response to backlash against racist tirade

OFFENSIVE: Dilbert creator's bizarre response to backlash against racist tirade

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Dilbert creator Scott Adams’ response to being canceled after his racist YouTube rant went viral is about what one would expect from a reported bigot.

“There’s never been a better time to be alive,” Adams said in the video, “Has anybody noticed anything in the news about me lately?”

Ummm, yes.

Watch the video below. 

“Oh no, my enemies are sending me lots of energy. Oh no, what will I do with all of that attention?” he asked.

Making light of the situation, Adams attempted to deflect from the backlash — including the Dilbert comic being removed from mainstream media newspapers nationwide — by saying, “Was it something I said.”

Ummm, yes.

On a recent episode of his podcast, Real Coffee with Scott Adams, the cartoon artist went on a tirade against the African-American population calling Black people a “hate group,” and advising his fellow non-melanated comrades to “get the hell away from Black people.”

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A series of tweets surrounding the controversy got the attention of Twitter CEO Elon Musk, who replied to Adams multiple times regarding the matter.

“Is it racist to avoid racists who are the same race as each other? Or is it only racist if the racists you are avoiding are white?” Adams tweeted on Saturday.

“Simultaneously an interesting question and a tongue twister,” Musk replied.

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The EV car maker criticized the media for canceling Adams as being “racist against whites.”

This happens to be one of the least shocking statements made by Elon.

The world’s richest social media troll deleted a tweet responding to Adams, asking “What exactly are they complaining about?” – but the internet is forever.

Adams claims not to read the paper and his attempts to fuel the narrative have been debunked by – you guessed it – himself.

Aside from Musk, the right-wing world has been relatively quiet about the Adams fallout.

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Perhaps another unhinged pundit losing his grip isn’t smoke that Republicans want in the wake of party infighting and chaos that has seemingly split conservatives into two racist pieces.

Watch the video below.

Original reporting by Caleb Howe at Mediaite

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