March 19, 2023

REBIRTH: Florida Democrats elect Nikki Fried as new party chair

REBIRTH: Florida Democrats elect Nikki Fried as new party chair

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In a resounding victory, Nikki Fried has been elected as the new chair of the Florida Democratic Party, promising to bring a fresh perspective and renewed energy to the party.

Fried, a former Agriculture Commissioner and candidate for Florida Governor, is a rising star in the state’s politics and has been a strong advocate for progressive causes.

Her election as chair is seen as a major win for progressives in the state after she lost the Democratic primary for Florida governor last year to former Governor Charlie Crist, who was considered a moderate Democrat.

Crist went on to lose the gubernatorial race to the incumbent Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, a tragedy for anyone valuing democracy, free expression, and safety from permit-free open-carry gun regulations.

Fried was victorious over three other Florida Democrats – former state Sen. Annette Taddeo, progressive activist Carolina Ampudia and Broward County Democratic Party Chair Rick Hoye – in a vote by the party’s executive committee, The Hill reported.

“Our party needs bold leadership, and Nikki Fried is the person to provide it,” said one party member. “She has a proven track record of fighting for our values and bringing people together. With her at the helm, we can build a stronger, more inclusive Democratic Party in Florida.”

Fried’s election is especially significant given the current political climate in the state. Florida has long been a battleground state, with Democrats struggling to make gains in recent years. However, Fried’s message of unity and inclusivity has resonated with voters, and many are hopeful that her leadership can help turn the tide.

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“I believe that we can build a Democratic Party that represents all Floridians, regardless of race, gender, or background,” said Fried in her victory speech. “Together, we can fight for good jobs, quality healthcare, and a clean environment. Together, we can win elections and make a real difference in people’s lives.”

Fried’s vision for the party is already gaining momentum, with many Democrats rallying behind her message of progress and unity. Her election is also a major boost for progressive causes, as she has been a strong advocate for issues like climate change, criminal justice reform, and LGBTQ+ rights.

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“Florida needs a Democratic Party that is unapologetically progressive,” said Fried. “We can’t afford to be timid or hesitant in our pursuit of justice and equality. We need to be bold, we need to be brave, and we need to be unafraid.”

Fried’s election is also significant for another reason: she is the first woman to lead the Florida Democratic Party in more than 30 years. This is a major milestone for women in politics, and Fried has vowed to use her platform to promote women’s rights and gender equality.

“We need more women in leadership positions, both in politics and in every aspect of society,” said Fried. “As chair of the Florida Democratic Party, I will do everything in my power to empower women, to lift them up, and to give them the opportunities they deserve.”

Overall, Fried’s election as chair of the Florida Democratic Party represents a major step forward for progressives in the state. With her leadership, Democrats can build a more inclusive, more united party that fights for the values and priorities of all Floridians.

And, hopefully, build a party that can reverse Ron DeSantis’s legacy of misguided authoritarianism.

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