March 31, 2023

FREEDUMBS: Floridians could sue anyone calling them “homophobes” if new bill passes

FREEDUMBS: Floridians could sue anyone calling them "homophobes" if new bill passes

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The First Amendment of the Constitution allows for freedom of speech, thought, and expression. We’re allowed to have and share our opinions without fear of retaliation.

Conversely, hate speech–which is any targeted threat meant to incite actions of violence–is not protected.

But you can’t tell that to devout Florida Man (IT IS ALWAYS A FLORIDA MAN) and State Rep. “Antiquated” Alex Andrade, who doesn’t want anyone to get away with calling him (or any other “Christians”) out on their carefully taught hate, which they keep trying to hide behind their Bible.

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Yeah, still can’t name a Bible verse no matter what anyone says

Fragile lil Alex filed a bill on Tuesday in the Florida Swamp Statehouse. which would make it easier to sue any journalist, publication, or social media user on any platform for “defamation” if they “accuse someone” of racism, sexism, homophobia, or transphobia.

The bill, H.B. 991, specifically says that publications “can’t use truth as a defense when it comes to reporting on people’s anti-LGBTQ+ sentiments” by citing the person’s “constitutionally protected religious expression or beliefs” or “a plaintiff’s scientific beliefs.”

Um, that’s exactly what the First Amendment says they can do, Jeebus Freakboi.

H.B. 991 would essentially end all debate in America, as well as my ability to cover him accurately, just because he’s afraid of other peoples’ opinions of him.

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As a hardcore atheist who pays my taxes, I resent any member of any religious group trying to push their carefully taught belief systems on our government.

If you want to be in a hate cult, that’s on you.

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But you need to keep it out of our government.

This is another example of Ron DeSantis-type Florida fascism, so let’s not allow it to spread, shall we?

Here’s a hot tip for you, Alex: if you don’t want someone calling you a racist sexist homophobic transphobe, then don’t be one.

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Thanks, First Amendment!

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