March 31, 2023

JACKBOOTED: MAGA maniac’s social media threats against POTUS come with consequences

JACKBOOTED: MAGA maniac's social media threats against POTUS come with consequences

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Army veteran Tara Carr is in the hot seat after posting what’s been perceived as a threat to President Joe Biden nearly three weeks ago.

In a February 4th response to Vice President Kamala Harris’ praise of the nation’s commander-in-chief, Carr advocated violence with her consequential rhetoric.

“We have a lot to be thankful for in Joe Biden,” Harris said.

“He’s aiding & abetting the enemy. Ready. Aim. Fire. One shot, one kill. That simple…,” Carr replied.

After swift backlash and condemnation for her statements, the Brookfield selectman played the victim game with a post on Facebook accusing critics of taking her comments out of context and making much ado about nothing.

“Unfortunately, some on the fringe of the political spectrum, who are more interested in engaging in vitriolic statements and fabricating their own truths, rather than intelligent discourse, took these comments out of context and made ridiculous and false assertions that somehow, I was promoting violence against our nation’s President,” Carr crowed on Facebook.

The Danbury, CT native spent 25 years in the armed forces before retiring at the rank of Lt. Colonel and served as a foreign officer in China.

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Carr’s statements were unambiguous, despite attempts to downplay the gravity of her comments.

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Deployed to Afghanistan during her military career, the MAGA-mom served as a representative for the Commander of the Special Operations Joint Task Force, using her resume to mount her run for local office.

“I’m very passionate about making a difference and impacting change for the better and creating a better future for our children, because it’s what life’s all about, right?” Carr said, according to the News Times.

Political violence is on the rise, and rhetoric from the right – a/k/a wrong – side of the aisle can’t be dismissed or disregarded.

Four Democratic NM lawmakers came under attack when failed Republican candidate Solomon Peña hired several individuals to open fire on those he alleged were complicit in his losing the election.

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He lost by double digits.

Paul Pelosi, husband of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was brutally assaulted in the couple’s Northern California home by a radicalized conspiracy theorist who was looking for the longtime Democratic leader.

When it comes to inciting violence, rhetoric matters – as does accountability.

Carr’s tweet has been removed, and her account suspended, but an equally swift response from the Dept. of Justice would be much better.

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Ty Ross

News journalist for Washington Press and Occupy Democrats.

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