March 29, 2023

OPINION: Republicans refuse to admit Ohio & Ukraine are equally important

OPINION: Republicans refuse to admit Ohio & Ukraine are equally important

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President Joe Biden visited President Zelenskyy in Ukraine, a trip secretly scheduled for long before the train-derailing tragedy that took place in East Palestine, Ohio but as expected, facts and logic don’t stop MAGA Republicans from demonizing our President.

Instead of letting the adults in the office do their jobs, they harassed him and his administration by condemning them for taking too long to respond to the Ohio crisis, and for choosing a foreign country’s needs over America’s.

While Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg expressed regrets for taking ten days to speak about the crisis publicly,  Governor DeWine wasn’t exactly on top of things either, claiming Ohio wasn’t yet eligible for FEMA assistance in the days after the disaster.

Republicans tend to think photo ops are solutions to tragedy, berating Vice President Kamala Harris for not visiting the border, even though she went to the source of the border crisis, and now screaming for a photo op of President Biden in East Palestine.

The MAGA movement is based on the white nationalistic ideology of “America First,” so it’s totally on brand for them to slam the President for choosing Ukraine over America, which is flat out wrong to do.

What happened in East Palestine is extremely important, however, aiding our allies like Ukraine, a sovereign country that’s being invaded, is just as important.

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Global crises are as much a priority as environmental crises, because if countries with Democratic principles fall, who’s to say Putin and Russia would stop in Ukraine?

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Spoiler alert: they wouldn’t.

These ridiculous tactics from the right are just another example that Republicans never wanted unity.

They want an America that fits their agenda and will use any means to make it happen,  whether it’s propaganda, spreading lies, or just flat out attacking President Biden because he is a Democrat.

I call on every American regardless of party to call out these lies and demonizing by MAGA Republicans by informing friends and family members of the facts.

Additionally, the DNC needs to do more to combat right wing propaganda because it’s getting stronger by the day dividing our country even further than it already is.

David Weissman

Opinion columnist and Army veteran. Former MAGA, now a Biden voter.

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