March 29, 2023

MURDEROUS: New Hampshire Libertarians appear to endorse presidential assassinations

MURDUROUS: New Hampshire Libertarians appear to endorse presidential assassinations

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Libertarians are by definition a selfish bunch β€” but the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire (where the state motto of Β “Live Free or Die” is emblazoned on every license plate) can now add wishful murderous thinking to the list of extremely unattractive qualities that they possess.

That’s a conclusion supported by a post that someone in the New Hampshire Libertarian Party’s social media department decided was completely appropriate to distribute on Twitter on this Presidents’ Day of 2023.

The tweet proclaims their party’s utter lack of respect for the office of the presidency in this country and then goes on to demonstrate actual complete contempt for our system of government by appearing to endorse the removal of anyone holding the presidency via assassination.

It’s difficult to interpret their post any other way, given the fact that these New Hampshire Libertarians illustrated their statement that they “can at least respect the way some of them ended” with photos of the four American presidents whose lives were ended by an assassin’s bullet.

Just to set the record straight, that’s Abraham Lincoln at the top left, James Garfield to his right, William McKinley below Lincoln, and John F. Kennedy at the lower right.

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Presumably, the Libertarians would have included Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan in their posts had these two men been killed by the men who shot and seriously wounded them while they were each in office.

Just in case anyone thought that they might have misinterpreted the sentiment behind the heinous tweet, the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire erased all doubt with their follow-up post in reply to the original.

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Now here’s a post that most people would think should be immediately forwarded to the Secret Service for investigation.

Or at least reported to Twitter for violating their terms of service, although under the Elon Musk regime, it’s uncertain that anyone there still cares about things like that.

The response from the Twitterati was predictably brutal towards the violence-encouraging Granite State Libertarians β€” and occasionally brutally funny

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Hopefully, it will be discovered that the post was made by a soon-to-be-fired low-level staffer at the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire whose idea of a Presidents’ Day joke leaves much to be desired.

If not, it’s difficult to imagine that many people in New Hampshire β€” or anywhere else in the country, for that matter β€” can continue to take Libertarians seriously as an alternative to the current two-party system.

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