March 31, 2023

APPEAL: Will the Supreme Court reinstate Trump as President?

APPEAL: Will the Supreme Court reinstate Trump as President?

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Raland Brunson has tried once before asking the Supreme Court to hear his case alleging that Trump should be reinstated as president.

He insists that the Court should take this step because Congress failed to investigate his claims that a foreign power rigged the 2020 presidential election against Trump.

Perhaps he’s mistaking the 2020 election with the 2016 election where Trump was the beneficiary of some well-timed foreign interference courtesy of Vladimir Putin’s Russia, at least according to the bi-partisan findings of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

According to The Hill, “Brunson’s case argued that 291 House lawmakers and 94 senators violated their oaths of office by refusing to further investigate unfounded claims of mass electoral fraud in the 2020 presidential election.”

“He had asked for $2.905 billion tax-free in damages and a removal of the officials from office,” in the suit, The Hill reported.

Even after the Supreme Court passed on considering his suit last month —  usually the death knell for any case brought before them — Brunson vowed to continue trying, filing an immediate appeal of the decision.

“The petition was denied. We will now make our next move. A petition for reconsideration. Hang in their everyone,” Brunson wrote in a Facebook post after the initial rejection by SCOTUS.

Now the Supreme Court has decided to distribute the appeal “for conference,” meaning that it has forwarded the suit to the individual justices to reconsider their positions on rejecting the case in the first place.

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Brunson’s argument is that the court should reverse its initial rejection of his lawsuit because the case “represents a very powerful domestic covert operation that is so benign that it cannot been seen on how it has breached our national security, and how it is affecting the national security of both Canada and Mexico, and how it has circulated fears that we might soon see the destruction of property along with a large volume of bloodshed in our own streets.”

It seems as if Brunson has already reached his conclusions about the election without the congressional investigation he’s insisting upon and without providing any solid evidence of his claims.

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The Supreme Court may be willing to read Brunson’s appeal, but the chances of them reversing their original decision to reject it and then putting Donald Trump back in office by some mechanism never envisioned in our Constitution are as slim as Celine Dion turned sideways.

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Brunson’s appeal shows that some MAGA supporters have more money than common sense.

Just about every one of the multiple challenges to the 2020 election results brought by Trump and his cronies has failed in every court that has heard their lawsuits due to a complete lack of evidence.

If Brunson thinks that his case will succeed, color him delusional.

Original reporting by Fatma Khaled at Newsweek.

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