March 18, 2023

UNFETTERED: GOP attacks on PA Senator’s health show nothing but hypocrisy

UNFETTERED: GOP attacks on PA Senator's health show nothing but hypocrisy

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At some point, the Republican Party decided that basic health-related human fallibilities, like succumbing to illness or injury, were signs of weakness.

While they’re fine with Greg Abbott using a wheelchair and demanded privacy for Ted Cruz’s family after one of his daughters attempted suicide, you may recall how the Trumpocrites mocked Hillary Clinton for coughing a little bit, with her health becoming a major MAGA talking point of the 2016 presidential election.

The hammer attack on Paul Pelosi drew conspiracies instead of sympathies from the GQP, with zero apologies.

And then there’s Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman, who had the audacity to suffer a stroke while campaigning.

BATTLE FOR PA: Dr. Oz sticks foot in mouth as Fetterman shows his courage

Fetterman’s physical and mental health were both constantly under attack from his MAGA plant opponent, Dr. Mehmet “MEH” Oz, who really should’ve lost his medical license after maligning Fetterman’s inspiring recovery.

The fact that PA voters still chose Fetterman over Oz is proof that Democrats understand you can get over a stroke, but you can’t recover from a Republican in a government gig.

Now-Senator Fetterman has once again announced he’s undergoing treatment, this time for depression.

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It’s a common side effect of stroke, and for him to have checked into Walter Reed is a show of strength, not weakness.

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But you can’t tell that to the MAGA mean kids, who think they’ll all live forever while mocking the old, the infirm, and the self-caring.

While the GOP regressed all the way back to grade school–with a few notable exceptions– Democrats flocked to Twitter to praise Fetterman for getting the help he needs instead of making a permanent decision to fix a temporary problem.

Fetterman is the better man.

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Tara Dublin

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