April 1, 2023

RIOTOUS: Alex Jones bankruptcy docs reveal the strangest January 6th connection

RIOTOUS: Alex Jones bankruptcy docs reveal the strangest January 6th connection

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Alex Jones is known for his conspiracy theories, which he uses his radio network to spread, but the legal process regarding one of his conspiracies has now revealed an unexpected issue relating to another.

Specifically, as Jones handed over documents in his Sandy Hook case, he revealed he is holding firearms connected to the January 6th attack on the Capitol.

The line item is vague and cryptic — Jones merely describes items in his possession as “[h]olding firearms for certain January 6th participants to be provided.”

If it’s intended to convey that he’s holding firearms for participants in the attack who can no longer own them due to their convictions, then the line raises questions.

Perhaps Jones, or the individuals, truly believe that Donald Trump will be restored to power and pardon them all, and they’ll be able to retake ownership of their weapons.

However, there’s no clarity — the line could mean anything from the above, to hiding weapons so that the individuals aren’t caught with them, to possession of weapons that were intended to go to the Capitol that day.

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The alleged owners or recipients of the firearms aren’t mentioned, and the weapons aren’t itemized. Via the Washington Post:

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In the section of the bankruptcy statement that asks Jones to identify property he owns or controls for somebody else, the right-wing conspiracy theorist described the items he has in limited detail…The filing does not state why Jones, who participated in the Stop the Steal rally that preceded the attack on the Capitol, is holding the weapons for the rioters or where they are located.

Jones has been ordered to pay out more than $1 billion to families who were harmed when he told his listeners that children who were murdered in the Sandy Hook school shooting were paid crisis actors and that the whole tragedy was a false flag.

He has been working hard at convincing the court and the public that he doesn’t actually have that much money, or access to it.

He’s been accused of attempts to hide his assets, including by transferring his work to a new podcast and liquidating his current business, which is named in the rulings against him, according to Bloomberg.

In a Tuesday bankruptcy court hearing, he agreed to pause posting new episodes of his subscription-only podcast as he goes through the proceedings, which include an arrangement to make payments to the families over a period of time.

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