March 29, 2023

SNOWFLAKE: Twitter CEO can’t handle the fact that Tweeps just aren’t that into him

SNOWFLAKE: Twitter CEO can't handle the fact that Tweeps just aren't that into him

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Elon Musk continues to prove that narcissism and capitalism don’t always mix, throwing a late-night, post-Superbowl temper tantrum after learning that his tweet cheering on the Philadelphia Eagles was eclipsed by President Joe Biden’s.

POTUS’ tweet in support of First Lady Jill Biden’s Philly love got over 20 million more impressions than Musk, which didn’t make the South African emerald prince very happy.

After the NFL championship, Musk flew his private jet from Arizona to Northern California to get to the bottom of his continuously falling engagement, Platformer reported.

The ego-driven billionaire then demanded that Twitter engineers create an off-the-grid algorithm to boost Musk’s tweets to the top of users’ feeds at nearly 3 a.m.

According to the report, Twitter engineers worked through the night to create a system that allowed Must to receive increased promotion on his tweets above other users “by a factor of 1,000.” – Platformer

The day after the big game, Business Insider reported that Elon Musk’s cousin – James Musk – sent a Slack message to employees in the wee hours of Monday morning, claiming the request was prescient.

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Working tirelessly, the team of approximately 80 engineers did their boss’ bidding by creating an algorithm that would allow all the EV car maker’s tweets to circumvent filters set in place to prevent an account from flooding users’ feeds.

Both Musk and President Biden tweeted in support of the Eagles in their championship match against the Kansas City Chiefs.

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After getting “only” 9.1 million views compared to President Biden’s 29.1 million, Musk wasted no time deleting his tweet several hours after the Eagles lost the closely matched battle.

Thankfully, the internet is forever.

Prior to “engagement gate,” Musk fired an engineer for failing to soothe the Twitter dictator’s bruised ego over the dip in interaction from his 126 million followers who dared to tell the unpredictably predictable boss that his lack of popularity on the platform is the root cause.

Musk reportedly sent the employee packing on the spot.

It’s hard to believe that being besties with Saudi Arabian autocrats, Russian oligarchs, and noted personalities like Catturd2 and anti-LGBTQ domestic terrorists like Chaya Raichik – creator of the violence-inciting account Libs of Tik Tok – hasn’t endeared Musk to the democracy-loving more liberal Twitter.

Advertisers were even less impressed, with many high-profile brands pausing spending on the platform while its owner continues to choose perceived popularity over profits and progress.

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Taking a play out of the former President’s playbook, Musk is taking his attention-seeking desperation to new levels with his latest actions.

While he may be one of the wealthiest men in the world, his latest actions confirm that he’s definitely not one of the most likable.


Original reporting by Hannah Getahun, and Erin Snodgrass at Business Insider. 

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