March 31, 2023

DENIED: Federal judge shuts Trump’s defense down in E. Jean Carroll case

DENIED: Federal judge shuts Trump's defense down in E. Jean Carroll case

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A federal judge has rejected Donald Trump’s offer to provide a DNA sample in E. Jean Carroll’s sexual assault lawsuit against him.

Judge Lewis Kaplan held nothing back when condemning Trump’s legal team’s attempts to potentially delay the trial by agreeing to provide the sample in exchange for the plaintiff releasing the missing appendix from DNA samples taken from the dress in question.

“There is no justification for any such deal.” “Either Ms. Carroll is obliged to supply the omitted appendix or she is not. Either Mr. Trump is obliged to provide a DNA sample or he is not. Neither is a quid pro quo for the other.” – Judge Kaplan

Arguing due process, Trump’s attorney in the case, Joseph Tacopina, claims the appendix is necessary for the defense to properly prepare for trial, an assertion that Kaplan dismissed outright.

“The short answer to Mr. Trump’s request is clear,” Kaplan wrote. “Mr. Trump is not entitled to the undisclosed appendix. The time for pretrial discovery in both cases is over, and Mr. Trump never previously asked for it.”

The legal system hasn’t been kind to the litigious one-term president.

Trump and his attorney, Alina Habba, were fined a combined $986,000 for filing frivolous claims in the former President’s lawsuit against his former political opponent, Hillary Clinton, among others.

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Between the Department of Justice’s criminal investigation into the ex-president’s role in the January 6th Capitol riot and revelations that Trump illegally took and improperly stored top-secret government documents, the walls are closing in.

Carroll went public with the alleged sexual assault nearly four years ago.

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The former Elle Magazine advice columnist filed suit in 2019 for defamation after Trump disparaged the author’s looks and repeatedly denied her claims.

New York’s reinstatement of the Adult Survivors Act cleared the way for seeking civil recourse against Trump without the previous statute of limitations blocking the way.

Judge Kaplan is hip to Trump’s game, unapologetically criticizing and exposing his repeated attempts to avoid accountability for well-documented words and actions.

The defense team’s request comes too little too late.

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According to Kaplan, “It is entirely clear that granting Mr. Trump’s request would be only the first step in introducing a complicated new subject into this case that both sides elected not to pursue over a period of years.”

The presiding judge recently rejected Trump’s request to dismiss the trial altogether, giving E. Jean Carroll the clear path needed to get decades-long justice denied.

Original reporting by Zach Schonfeld at The Hill. 

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