March 30, 2023

SO WRONG: You won’t believe what Trump used this classified folder for

SO WRONG: You won't believe what Trump used this classified folder for

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While the vast majority of America is spending today fixated on the Super Bowl, there are at least a few people out there asking themselves: “what’s Donald Trump up to today?”

Well, for one thing, he reprised his habit of crashing every wedding booked into the function room at his Mar-a-Lago resort.

While personally, we can’t imagine why anyone would want their sacred moments of matrimony invaded by the reminder of the transitory nature of marriages that the twice-divorced, adulterous, disgraced ex-president inspires, we are sure that the visit was a thrill for anyone who would want to book their nuptials at Trump’s imitation San Simeon.

The big question, however, is what is in the pile of documents that the aide standing behind Trump is carrying? Hopefully nothing classified.

While Trump was ogling the bride and bridesmaids, one of his attorneys was out defending his reputation on CNN, the cable news network that Trump loves to hate.

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Discussing the newly revealed tidbit that the Justice Department had issued a previously unreported subpoena to the former president to retrieve still more classified material from his Mar-a-Lago residence, Trump attorney Timothy Parlatore was attempting to paint the subpoena as DOJ overreach towards a willing and cooperative subject of a political witch hunt.

Parlatore had the viewing audience rolling their eyes in disbelief when he characterized one of the classified items — an empty folder labeled “Classified Evening Briefing” — as only being kept by Trump to use as a shield to block the light coming from the landline phone by his bedside, a blinking blue light that would presumably be disturbing his nightly beauty rest.

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Apparently, the Mar-a-Lago supply closet was fresh out of masking tape.

Parlatore was then asked about why a staffer from Trump’s Save America PAC had access to the classified documents that they scanned into the laptop and USB drive that were also part of the latest bevy of classified materials surrendered to the Justice Department.

It was not an answer that inspired confidence in the former president’s atention to detail in matters of national security, to say the least.

Parlatore also revealed some of Trump’s legal strategy when it comes to the advice he gives any former staff from his administration who may have happened to have been subpoenaed to appear before Special Counsel Jack Smith’s grand jury.

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Interesting advice, given that Trump’s executive privilege ended the minute he left office.

It may be Super Bowl Sunday, but it’s just another day in Trumplandia!

Original reporting by Acyn.

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