March 18, 2023

PROVEN! GOP senator admits Republican plans to dismantle Social Security

PROVEN! GOP senator admits Republican plans to dismantle Social Security

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While Congressman James Comer (R-KY), the chair of the House Oversight Committee, was busy on ABC’s This Week slamming President Biden — and Democrats in general — for trying to “scare” seniors by falsely claiming that Republicans want to cut their Social Security and Medicare plans, his party colleague Senator Mike Rounds (R-SD) was undermining his message of reassurance in a conversation with Jake Tapper on CNN’s State of the Union.

With the nation’s seniors reliant on Social Security to stay alive during their retirement years with the widespread disappearance of corporate pensions — and on Medicare to cover their health issues in old age — the continued viability of both social safety net programs is of paramount importance to the social stability of our country.

Yet here was Senator Rounds declaring that he wants to have Congress re-authorize spending for Social Security on an annual basis.

How anyone would see that suggestion as a viable option — given the knock-down, drag-out battles over issues such as simply raising the debt limit to allow the U.S. Treasury to pay the debts that Congressional spending has already authorized — is mystifying.

As bad as that idea from Senator Rounds was, his hints at GOP desires to privatize Social Security were even more frightening.

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Rounds demonstrates how out of touch he is with the financial realities of the average American with his reference to the portfolios of “the vast majority of us.”

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Slightly less than half of Americans (42%) own no stock whatsoever and, of the 58% percent who do have portfolios — many in company-managed 401Ks — few are the type of sophisticated investors who could navigate the intricacies of balanced retirement planning and avoid the predatory financial shysters who would surely target the elderly.

Twitter denizens who saw Rounds’ ideas about how to transform the social safety net immediately shot back to point out how he essentially confirmed President Biden’s point about the threat that Republicans pose to our current system of ensuring that America isn’t plagued with a large population of sick and homeless elderly people.

Why the Republican Party seems to think that doing anything besides strengthening our existing Social Security and Medicare programs for seniors and the disabled will help them win votes is the biggest political mystery of our time.

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The answer is likely that these moves aren’t being proposed on behalf of the majority of the citizens that they represent, but for the wealthy donors to their campaigns who want to see their tax burden reduced even further than the $2.3 trillion cut that the GOP gave them under Trump.

Luckily, as long as we have a Democrat like President Biden in the White House, the GOP is unlikely to succeed in their plans to slash benefits and raise the retirement age.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean that they won’t keep trying.

Original reporting by Aaron Rupar.

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